frostpunk console edition

It’s time to prepare yourself as come October 2019 those Xbox One and PS4 consoles out there are looking likely to freeze over, as the critically acclaimed Frostpunk hits console.

Having wowed the PC crowd since early 2018, the development team at 11 bit Studios had previously confirmed that their grim society-sim would be coming to Xbox One and PS4 at some point in 2019. Well today they’ve only gone and confirmed that release date, alongside the announcement of a physical edition, with October 11th 2019 the day the world will freeze over.

Running as a city-builder in which players struggle against the frozen post-apocalyptic landscape as the ruler of the last city on Earth, Frostpunk has garnered high praise among PC players as they began to embrace the unique gameplay, the chance to make thoughtful decisions, and the opportunity follow a powerful narrative. But that was then and this is now, and it’s time for Frostpunk to start making waves on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall.

“From day one we knew we wanted to bring Frostpunk to consoles. At the same time, we didn’t want it to be just a port. We wanted Frostpunk to feel like a native console experience, so we redesigned pretty much every game element to work intuitively with a gamepad. Among the new, console-specific UI changes we have an express menu for quick access to most common building actions, easy to use choice-wheels, top-down view for precise building placement, upscaled icons, and much more. We truly believe it will become a new benchmark for the genre on Xbox One and PlayStation 4,” says Frostpunk Senior Lead Designer, Jakub Stokalski.

Frostpunk: Console Edition will be available from October 11th 2019 as a digital download on Xbox One and PS4, with a price of 29.99 USD/EUR in tow. That will be followed by a physical console version from Merge Games which will debut on October 18th in Europe and October 22nd in the US for 34.99 USD/34.99 EUR/29.99 GBP.

Will you be joining us in welcoming the grim world to console? Will you be going for that physical edition? Let us know in the comments below.


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