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We don’t charge for you to read our words, and we wouldn’t expect you to have to pay to listen to our thoughts. But occasionally, just occasionally, you may love what you have read and think ‘hey, I’d like to help those guys out’. Now, we’ll be here no matter what, dropping our thoughts on the latest Xbox games, and tell you about the biggest Xbox news pieces, but the coffee that powers us doesn’t come cheap. Neither does site hosting or upgrades.

With that in mind, we’ve set up a Patreon scheme for those who wish to contribute to TheXboxHub. We don’t ask that you spend a fortune, and we won’t ever hold anything back from those who decide not to, but should you want to drop a little cash into the kitty, then it only makes sense to let you do so.

You can find our Patreon page right here, and each and every pound, dollar, euro or yen you wish to pay in is hugely appreciated by all. We won’t take your cash and run, instead ensuring that all funds go towards the up-keep and upgrades of the site.

You may also notice that tiers 2 and 3 of our Patreon comes with the added bonus of having your name (and a link to one of your social channels) emblazoned across TheXboxHub’s supporter page – this page in fact. So here they are, the guys, girls, dogs and cats who have pledged $5 or more per month, keeping us in all the coffee we could ever need 😉