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Paid Armored Operation DLC hits the Gravel race track


We’ve had multiple freebies come our way, but now it’s time to spend a little more money in order to ensure that our off-road Gravel experience is the very best it can be. Are you ready to hit the track in a number of military vehicles?

The Gravel Armored Operation DLC may come with a price tag attached – £4.79 in case you’re interested – and that may well instantly put you off when you remember that there is already a whole ton of free content available to try your hand with, but this is a little different to those new cars which have been delivered previously.

Instead we are seeing a collection of military vehicles enter the fray, all vying for a starting place on the Gravel grid in order to show off their racing adaptions to the very best of their capabilities.

But what’s more, the Armored Operation DLC also brings a new Masters episode for you to enjoy as the most unusual racers get ready to hit the big time.

If you wish to get a purchase in then the Microsoft Store will sort out all Xbox One gamers, whilst the PS4 racers out there will need to visit their own digital offering. Make sure you hit it up for something a little different!

DLC Description:

A selection of military vehicles, adapted to racing and finished off with weaponry join the Gravel roster. A new Off-road Masters episode was created for these unusual yet spectacular vehicles.