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Play with words as Typoman arrives on Xbox One

Play with words as Typoman arrives on Xbox One

by Neil Watton (neil363)February 17, 2017

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It’s been nominated for, and won, multiple awards, but now Typoman is heading to Xbox One. Fancy playing with your words?

Available to download right now for £10.39 (currently discounted by 20% to £8.31 for a week), Typoman is a 2D puzzle platformer with a bit of a twist. It is up to you to help your delightful little character make his way through a hostile world, playing with the words, letters and ideas that are thrown your way. You need to BRIDGE a GAP? Or create a SHIELD? Spell it out and the world is your oyster.

With a brilliant soundtrack pushing Typoman along and multiple puzzles which will challenge you every step of the way, if you’re looking for a new platformer, then we recon you should get involved. In fact, our review casts a very favourable light on it indeed. Have a read and then head on over to the Xbox Games Store and pick it up.

Game Description:

Typoman is a 2D puzzle platformer. You slip into the role of a character made of letters, struggling to make your way through a dark and hostile world. Despite your small stature you have a powerful gift: You can craft words to alter your environment.Choose your words wisely. They can either be a blessing… or a curse!Game features:- Wield the power of altering the world by by creating, changing or destroying words – Solve ingenious and challenging puzzles with a unique aesthetic mix of typography and pen & ink graphics – Captivating, carefully drafted, on-the-fly told story using witty word puzzles and puns – Surreal, atmospheric game world – Distinct soundtrack specifically composed for the gameAwards & Recognition:- Featured at Indie Game Revolution, EMP Museum, Seattle – Beste Inszenierung / Best Production, German Video Game Awards 2016, Munich – Finalist Indie Prize 2016 Showcase, Casual Connect Europe 2016, Amsterdam – Best Casual Game, Game Connection Development Awards 2015, San Francisco – Nominee for Best Game, Best Indie Game, Best Sound, Best Game Design, Best Console Game, German Dev Awards 2015, Cologne- Winner Best Art Style, Gaming Trend’s Best of E3 2015 Awards, Los Angeles- Winner Best of Quo Vadis 2015 (Sponsored by Google), Best of Quo Vadis Show, Berlin – Nominee Best Indie Game, gamescom award 2015, Cologne

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Neil Watton (neil363)

An Xbox gamer since 2002, I bought the big black box just to play Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee. I have since loved every second of the 360’s life and am now just as obsessed with the Xbox One. A massive racing fan, Forza 4 was the daddy of all Xbox titles but Forza Horizon 3 now trumps that. Online first person shooters are my hell….probably because my reactions are so poor, but give me a little Indie title and I’ll be in heaven.
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