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Protek TV Mount for Kinect Sensor Review

Protek TV Mount for Kinect Sensor Review

by Neil Watton (neil363)July 23, 2014


I’m not going to lie. I hate the idea of balancing my beautiful Kinect sensor precariously on top of my TV and ever since the Xbox One hit these shores, my Kinect has been planted firmly in front of my TV on hard, safe ground.

But apparently the ideal position for Kinect to take in the most of its surroundings is on top of your TV and with that in mind, Protek have created a TV mount for Kinect.

And you know what? It works very very well.


It may not be filled to the brim with technological advancements, in fact it’s a bit of black plastic with a cunningly designed adjustable hook on the back and the Protek logo on the front, but it does the job of holding your Kinect sensor safely above your television excellently.

Clipping over the front of your set and then positioning its adjustable arm in the right place for your TV is the most simplest of operations. The Kinect mount then sits neatly on top, held in place by the grooves on the mount which line up directly with the sensor. For added reassurance, the kit comes complete with a screw that goes through the mount directly into the hole on the bottom of your Kinect sensor (Yep, I never realised there was one specifically for that either….but there is!), making the two separate units a whole, therefore increasing the sturdiness a little more.

Thanks to the wide range of adjustment available on the mount, you’ll find that it should fit most TV’s. I’ve tested it on three different sets of varying ages and design and it fits perfectly on all…..but be aware it’s not going to fit on that old CRT you’ve got stuck in the corner!


And that’s about it. Once clipped on and with Kinect positioned at the correct alignment, you never need touch either item again and as long as your TV doesn’t suddenly fall over, I can’t ever see a reason for either the mount or that expensive Kinect piece of yours from falling.

The Protek TV Mount for Kinect Sensor can be picked up from Amazon for £6.99 and it fits nicely with the new line of functional and affordable products that Protek have recently released.

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