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Runaway Tiger sees World of Tanks deliver an alternate version of the Battle of El Alamein


If you’re a World of Tanks player then you may well be interested to hear that a whole new War Stories campaign has released – Runaway Tiger!

Available for all those World of Tanks players on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4, the newest War Stories campaign will put tankers in the driver’s seat of a three-part storyline that sees you having to infiltrate a North African located “Tiger” production facility, before attempting to steal the prototype and change the course of events during an alternate version of the Battle of El Alamein.

Runaway Tiger has been created as an alternate history campaign – one in which the Allies have secretly gained access to the German production facility and are aiming to escape with the German’s heavily guarded secret– a prototype of the Tiger (Panzer VI) tank. Under cover of a heavy sandstorm, French resistance fighter Marianne Durieux has been commissioned with the impossible, to capture the well-guarded Tiger tank and break out of the facility. With the German forces on high alert, tankers will encounter waves of challenges as they face off against enemies to escape the facility, destroy Tiger prototypes, and fight their way to the city of El Alamein, to secure a Tiger tank and a legendary victory for the Allies.

Runaway Tiger doesn’t just bring new gameplay options though as it also includes new music composed by the legendary gaming composer Inon Zur – he of Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Crysis fame. Inon’s former army service at a tank platoon has helped him to create an almost perfect score for World of Tanks, further immersing tankers into the story-driven experience that it brings.

You can grab Runaway Tiger for free on all consoles and this sees the War Stories campaigns delivering more than a dozen hours of single- and coop-player content for World of Tanks. What’s more, should you be heading on in with Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, then you can witness the missions of Marianne Durieux in 4K with spectacular HDR support.

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