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Runbow now available on Xbox One for free thanks to Xbox Games With Gold


The Xbox Games With Gold scheme has previously delivered us a number of online multiplayer titles, allowing those games which may otherwise get overlooked the chance to be thrust into the view of a huge number of gamers. Now, as July 2017 hits its midway point, the Games With Gold scheme is back with another new title – Runbow!

An online multiplayer game that utilises colour to ensure a bit of a challenge, Runbow has been on PC for a few years already, received fairly decent applause throughout the first two years of its life. A platforming racer, it is up to you to take to the action, with one goal in mind – reach the end of the level before all the other players. The problem is, as the background colour changes, you’ll find all manner of platforms and obstacles appearing, and then disappearing, before your very eyes. You’ll need to be on the ball should you wish to become the Runbow champ, and no matter whether you go up against others in Run, Arena or King of the Hill scenarios, should find a good time.

If you don’t have an Xbox Live Gold membership, then you’ll need to pay the sum of £10.79 for Runbow. If you do (and let’s be honest, you really should have a Gold sub), then you’ll have until the middle of August to get your free download in. Just make sure you hit up the Xbox Games Store and press that download button.

As is the way with most free titles, the developers need to claw back some cash any which way they can. With Runbow, that cash collection comes in the form of multiple DLC packs, with no less than seven currently available. If you want to take your game to the next level, then all of the Extra Val-Hue Pack (£11.19), Steampunk Pack (£1.99), Winter Pack (£2.79), Professionals Pack (£1.99), Anime Pack (£1.99), Satura’s Space Pack (£1.99) and the New Costume and Music Bundle (£5.99), can be grabbed from the Xbox Games Store too.

The Xbox Games With Gold scheme for July 2017 may not be reaching the heady heights of months gone by, but if you wish to know more about the scheme, and the games it is delivering for free this month, then we’ve got you sorted.

Game Description:

Get Ready to Runbow! Runbow is a fast-paced action party game for up to 8 players locally and 9 players online. Platforms and obstacles appear and disappear with each swipe of the background color, so if you can’t see something, IT DOESN’T EXIST! Players can go head-to-head in Run, Arena, and King of The Hill, or hone their skills on their own in Adventure or The Bowhemoth.