elder scrolls wrathstone dlc xbox

For Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers, today marks the launch of the Wrathstone DLC in The Elder Scrolls Online, which signals the beginning of the yearlong Season of the Dragon. Better yet, there’s also a free update accompanying it that brings a host of changes to the overall experience for all players.

Focusing on the Wrathstone DLC first, and in this ESO heroes are tasked with fighting their way through two new dungeons – Depths of Malatar and Frostvault – to retrieve both halves of the Wrathstone tablet. Depths of Malatar sends you into an ancient Ayleid ruin hidden under a secret Imperial fort, while Frostvault guides you through a trap-filled, automaton-laden, Goblin-inhabited, Dwarven vault. Both of these dungeons can be completed on Normal, Veteran, and Veteran Hard Mode difficulties, depending on how much of challenge you want. Completing these four-player challenges rewards you with powerful new item sets and unique collectibles, including a new skin and a non-combat pet.

The Wrathstone DLC Pack is free for ESO Plus members of course, but those who aren’t members will find it available for purchase from the in-game Crown Store. If you don’t fancy spending any cash at the moment then Update 21 will still see plenty of new features, changes and fixes arrive for free.

Update 21 includes a fresh arena for battle in the form of Eld Angvar, which is located in a place that’s somewhere between worlds – just be careful as you traverse the platforms on this one. The update introduces some new PvP rewards as well, including the Elinhir Arena Lion pet (earned with Arena Gladiator’s Proofs) and weapon Outfit Styles that resemble the three Battlegrounds teams: Pit Daemons, Stormlords, and Firedrakes.

To ensure everyone entering Tamriel can find their next adventure easily, a Zone Guide system has been implemented. This handy system can be accessed from your Group & Activity Finder or map, and it allows you to see your progress in any of Tamriel’s zones or beyond, tracking activities such as Zone Story Quests, Wayshrines, Delves, etc. Also, improvements have been made to the Guild Trader UI, providing the ability to search for specific item names and such. In fact there’s been an overhaul of that UI in general to ensure it’s a much more user-friendly experience.

In order to fully appreciate all of the additions brought about by Update 21 and the paid Wrathstone DLC, you’re best to dive into Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today. Have a gander and let us know what you think of it!