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If you’re a keen follower of these pages, then you will know all about our love for Secretlab’s gaming chairs. Well, today comes news that a partnership between Secretlab and OGN sees the first-ever 100-seat Battle Royale studio hit North America.

A combination of Secretlab and everyone’s favourite gaming genre – Battle Royale – seems like a match made in heaven and the newly created partnership between Secretlab and esports producer and network giant OGN, is one to keep an eye on.

With the latter being behind the world’s first esports league, Starcraft 2 broadcasts and League of Legends and Overwatch tournaments in South Korea, and Secretlab having created some stunning gaming chairs – the Titan Stealth and gorgeous Titan SoftWeave for example – we can see this partnership going great guns.

The official tie-up comes as part of the official opening of the OGN Super Arena in California. This is the first-ever dedicated Battle Royale studio in North America and can seat up to 100 competitors which makes it the largest esports studio arena on the US West Coast. As you may well expect to hear, this arena is fully equipped with Secretlab’s award-winning chairs.

Said Dennis Yi, Director of Business Development at OGN: “OGN has built its reputation on quality, and we need to ensure that the partners we align with share the same goals and standards. So we turned to Secretlab because they are the go-to brand for high quality and performance gaming products. After trying out their chairs ourselves, we rest assured that all our new studio participants will be seated and competing in full comfort for all our upcoming championships.”

Said Ian Alexander Ang, Secretlab’s co-founder and CEO: “I’ve been a fan of OGN ever since the Starcraft II GSL back in 2011. OGN was the first-mover in a new game like Starcraft II, and today, are still pioneering new trends in esports leagues and events, particularly with their new Battle Royale studio—the first such arena in North America. The standards they’ve set for the esports industry is incredibly high and we’re proud to be working alongside them; supporting tournaments and professional players at their new studio with our ultra-comfortable, award-winning chairs.”

The Secretlab chairs were found debuting at the opening event, the OGN Supermatch (OSM) Alpha flagship showcase, which featured the Esports Organisation of 2018 Cloud9’s PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds team, as well as other renowned personalities. The next event will be the National PUBG League Pre-season, from the 7th January 2019.


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