Ready to dive into a new map and wish to listen to some new music from Team Sonic Racing? SEGA have dropped the goods!

Being created by the award winning team at Sumo Digital – they of Snake Pass fame – Team Sonic Racing promises to be the ultimate arcade and competitive style racing experience, one that will be found featuring many of the much loved characters and environments from across the Sonic Universe.

Today though SEGA has decide to splash out to reveal not just a slippery new map, but also some of the great subaquatic sounds that will be featured in the upcoming team-based racing experience, Team Sonic Racing.

In the new map, “Whale Lagoon,” Sonic and friends will head to the shore for a race through a vibrant underwater landscape full of mysterious marine creatures. And it is guaranteed that your voyage will go swimmingly as you coast along to the upbeat nautical anthem, “Whale Lagoon,” created by iconic Sonic series composer, Jun Senoue. You can check it out in the video below.

Whether you wish to race and win in the online multiplayer that will be present in Team Sonic Racing, or prefer to embrace the local co-op mode, you will be found utilising dynamic team mechanics and vehicle customization features to dash across the finish line.

Check out that trailer below as you gear up for the release of Team Sonic Racing – both in physical and digital form – on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 on May 21, 2019. A digital only release will be available for PC players.


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