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It’s not going to take the driving crown off Forza, and it’s not going to make a dent on the side panels of DiRT Rally 2.0. But if you’re after some short sharp driving madness – at a dirt cheap price – then Hero Express may well be worth your time.

Available to purchase and download right now, Hero Express is the latest title to drop from the brilliantly named Fantastico Studio, as it sees you thrown into the world of a humble delivery driver who is attempting to help out an absent minded superhero. It is up to you to move your car, truck, snow plough and more from left to right through a variety of levels overcoming lumps, bumps, spikes, and utter destruction – and all before your fuel runs out.

Running much like that mobile gaming phenomenon Hill Climb Racing, just now on the big screen, Hero Express is certainly a fun little time-waster, particularly when you take into account the super cheap price point of £4.49.

For that money there is a decent amount of content included too, with 11 crazy tracks, 11 manic vehicles and 4 upgradable stats available for each, all included. Throw in a number of hazards, a ‘Jump’ power-up, a ‘clean’ option (we’ll let you find out for yourself what that does), and both a normal and hard difficulty for all the courses available, and it’s easy to see how this is such a tempting little game.

Yes you’re unlikely to be adding Hero Express to your GOTY lists for 2019, but for what it is, it could well be worth your time.

Features include:

  • 11 crazy tracks
  • 11 unique vehicles
  • 4 upgradable stats
  • 16 different hazards
  • 2 powerups to help the player overtake certain obstacles
  • 2 difficulty modes

If you’re tempted by what Hero Express brings then make sure you swing by the Xbox Store for Xbox One, the Nintendo eShop, or your favourite PC offering. You should find it available for just £4.49.

Our full review will be able to fill you in on the finer details as and when it drops, so make sure you keep an eye out for it, but in the meantime should you be on the lookout for a bit of the gameplay, our Let’s Play of Hero Express on Xbox One is right below.

Game Description:

Hero Express is the maddest driving game out there. Play the role of a delivery man and save the absent minded hero by delivering him his tools. 2D action, fast paced physic based gameplay and lots of fun tracks. Hero Express: “Heroic deliveries, right on time!”.


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