It’s time to head back a few decades as the latest Rock Band 4 DLC tracks serve up a bit of glam rock!

Hitting Xbox One and PS4 Rock Band 4 players are two new tracks that are sure to evoke many memories. With the awesome Skid Row and equally great Whitesnake arriving with new tracks for RB4 players to enjoy, there has been no better reason to get the hairspray out!

Available right now are the following two tracks…

  • Skid Row – I Remember You
  • Whitesnake – Here We Go Again

Should you be looking to get the band back together and wish to bang those drums to a bit of Skid Row, or pull off the riffs of Whitesnake, then the Microsoft Store will sort all Xbox One rockers out. Alternatively, those making a racket on PS4 will no doubt find their own digital store the bearer of great gifts.

With a £1.59 price tag attached to each track, if you’re a fan of either band or just want to learn some new beats, then these latest Rock Band 4 additions are a bit of a no-brainer. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts though – that comments section down below is ready and waiting to hear from you.