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Slime-san slides onto consoles soon



One giant worm, a slimy protagonist and incredibly fast-paced platforming action; have we managed to pique your curiosity?

Developed by Fabraz, Slime-san follows a slime – named Slime-san – who was minding his own business one day in the middle of a peaceful forest, when a giant worm appeared out of nowhere and devours him. Finding himself in the worm’s belly, there’s a choice to be made: accept the fate and be digested by the stomach acid, or jump, slime and slide the way through this worm’s intestines and out of its mouth – a rather simple decision to face in truth.

You’ll get to control Slime-san in the five coloured, pixelated world within the worm, across a whopping amount of levels, 100 in fact, and double that should you head on to the new game+ levels. Reflexes will have to be on-point to succeed in this twitch-timing platformer, one in which you’re constantly chased by a wall of acid. Slime-san has a few tricks up his sleeve though, with the ability to squeeze through cracked walls, slow time down and even speed it up if needed.

Slime-san Screen04

Here’s a list of the features:

  • Incredibly fast-paced and twitch-timing platforming madness!
  • No time to stay still as you are chased by a wall of acid at every corner! Run, run, run!
  • Being a slime has its perks. Slime your way through cracked walls and surfaces!
  • Bust through brittle obstacles or tense situations with a speedy dash move.
  • Slime to slow time, dash to speed it up. Feel like an absolute badass with pixel precise manoeuvres!
  • A game filled with content: 100 levels made out of 400 rooms combined with 100 new game+ levels totalling to a staggering 200 levels and 800 rooms!
  • Collect partially-digested apples to unlock different play styles, outfits, shaders and mini-games!
  • Get your shopping done in a town of survivors within the worm, home to colourful characters and surprising secrets.
  • Each level is timed with online rankings, for the competitive and score-oriented.
  • Unlock extra game modes like New Game+, Speed Running and Boss Rush modes!
  • Get engrossed in a unique, 5 coloured, pixelated world…found… within… the worm?
  • Adhesive Wombat, Tiasu, Meganeko, Kubbi, Inverse Phase, Richard Gould… Over 10 composers contributed with over 20 songs for a chiptune album that you can’t help but groove out to!

Slime-san is expected to release on PC in April of this year, with console versions set to follow soon after.