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Sniper Elite V2 now free to download via Xbox Games With Gold for February


sniper elite

Mid-month can mean only one thing…it’s time for a new free game to be given away via the Xbox Games With Gold promotional scheme!

Available now for absolutely nothing, Sniper Elite V2  on Xbox 360 can be downloaded as long as you are the proud owner of a current Xbox Live Gold subscription. Usually £24.99, this represents a stunning saving and should be something all wannabee snipers will be aiming to takedown right away.

Of course, this means that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will soon be back up at its usual price point. Xbox One owners however can still grab #IDARB for nowt!

Game Description:

ONE BULLET CAN CHANGE HISTORY. BERLIN 1945… V2 Rockets with deadly nerve gas are primed to launch. An army of German and Russian soldiers stand in your way. Make every single bullet count or the world dies with you. X-RAY KILL CAM see organs tear and burst, bones and teeth shatter, as your bullet passes through your enemy ADVANCED SNIPER SIMULATION allow for gravity, wind, distance, breathing and more. SNIPER’S CHOICE leave yourself exposed with the easy shot, or decide a more difficult but stealthier approach. CO-OP MULTIPLAYER battle through 4 war-torn online modes

You have until the end of the month to grab Sniper Elite V2 for nothing. Download it from the Xbox Games Store right now.