4K is great and HDR makes the world go round, but without some stunning audio, a game is nothing. And that’s where the latest line of gaming audio solutions from AVerMedia Technologies comes in.

Available right now, and opening the SonicBlast lineup are two soundbars, the SonicBlast Soundbar GS331 and GS333, both of which deliver crisp and clear sound for a variety of occasions. Alongside those, and created in order to complement them both is the GS335 Subwoofer, a dedicated add-on that brings powerful bass and groundbreaking performance.

The SonicBlast GS331 ($119)features three EQ modes for games, movies, and music and is a 2.0 channel soundbar that delivers 40W of rich sound, connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth. Meanwhile, the SonicBlast GS333 ($149) is a straight up audio beast with 60W of roof-raising audio, built-in subwoofer for heavier tones, three EQ modes, and Bluetooth connectivity.

If that’s not enough, and if you need a bit more bass in your life (and to be honest, who doesn’t), an extra dose of thunder can come about thanks to the SonicBlast GS335 ($99) that features 70W of in-your-face bass, a simple wireless setup, and intuitive on-board volume controls. The GS335 Subwoofer can be paired seamlessly with the GS331 and GS333 soundbars.

“Gamers have very specific needs when it comes to sound,” said Betina Huang, Marketing Assistant Manager of AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. “We’ve studied user feedback in terms of their preferences for gaming audio and have finally delivered products that crack the code with the SonicBlast soundbars and subwoofer.”

The SonicBlast GS331 and GS333 Soundbars and the GS335 Subwoofer are available now on Amazon. Unfortunately it seems they are currently only limited to the American market but should they ever appear elsewhere we’ll let you know. Make sure you check them out.


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