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Spareware urges you to grab some friends and fight to the death in a merciless 4 player co-op shooter which will see only the strongest survive. Do you have what it takes?

Available now for £7.99, Spareware is the latest digital addition to the Xbox One Games Store, giving all those who fancy a bit of cooperative action the chance to shine. With robots, destruction and the opportunity to get stronger with every fight, who out there can turn it down!?

Game Description:

Spareware . Gather your cybernetic friends and assemble your robots for a mercilessly brutal 4-player cooperative top-down shooting mayhem! Venture into the dystopian domed city of Helsinki and its infinite possible layouts to free the AI protector HelOS. Fight the deluded human security forces to reach the Core, where you and HelOS can save the citizens from the self destructive and manipulative power of Vote. Get stronger with every battle and get access to a variety of exceptional weapons and abilities to help the revolution. Slaughter is the only way to save humanity. Do you have what it takes?

You know what to do – head on over to the Xbox One Games Store now.



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