The robotic fighting experience of Override: Mech City Brawl brought explosive mech-based action to the masses earlier this month, but now it’s received a sassy new DLC addition in the form of Stardust the mechanised unicorn!

Stardust is the very first post-launch roster addition for Override: Mech City Brawl, representing sugar and spice with her lovely unicorn aesthetic, whilst being anything but nice due to possessing a horn that transforms into a drill for decimating the opposition, shooting star projectiles and hooves of steel. She excels in high pressure situations and fast-paced combat too as a result of having a strong aerial game and impressive mobility.

If you own the Super Charged Mega Edition of Override then Stardust will be free to download now on Xbox One (via the Xbox Store), PS4 and PC. Alternatively, you can purchase Stardust on her own for a mere cost of £3.59, and then she’s ready to bolster your team of brawlers. That’s not all Override: Mech City Brawl fans have to look forward to this winter either as 10 new accessories are now available for players to unlock in the Garage, including a giant candy cane, snowman head, and some colourful Christmas lights!

Will the sassy Stardust be a part of your next conflict? Get in touch via the comments below or on social media and tell us!

DLC Description:

Grab the unicorn by the horn, a rainbow ruckus is about to go down! Override: Mech City Brawl adds Stardust to its madcap mech lineup. Launching herself in the air, Stardust can send enemies flying, or effervescently slide into a stunning spinning roundhouse. She’s as eloquently treacherous as she is elusive. Hello…she’s a unicorn! Oh, and speaking of skills, she’s got one insane Ultimate hiding up her hooves. Here’s a hint: her horn transforms into a massive drill that bores through opponents. Ouch. Confident, creative, sassy and free, Stardust can launch a shooting star that bounces around the map until it smacks into another mech. She’s a diva with a chip on her shoulder, and her unruly approach to combat will leave rivals guessing what her next chaotic move will be! This is one pretty pony you’re gonna want on your team!


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