EA have made an exclusive in-game kit for FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode to allow players to show their support for the SpecialEffect charity organisation, and it’s out today. But who are SpecialEffect and how do you go about obtaining this kit?

Founded a decade ago, SpecialEffect are a UK-based charity with the mission of making video games accessible to all using the power of technology. They provide custom-designed control setups for people who have physical difficulties, to ensure these people have the opportunity to enjoy gaming as much as anyone else.

For example a young chap, Chad, reached out to SpecialEffect because of the severely limiting spinal muscular dystrophy he has, and was seeking help to carry on playing FIFA. The novel solution they came up with was to customise Chad’s setup to include a mouth-controlled joystick, ensuring his gaming days weren’t over. FIFA is actually one of the most popular games that people need help with, and it’s amazing what this charity does – I’ve seen their craftsmanship first hand, albeit for just a minor modification in comparison, so believe me on how much of an impact they have in the gaming world, it’s huge.

The exclusive kit itself, which looks awesome, will be live in game for a week and can be earned as a reward for completing a weekly objective in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Go on, support this wonderful charity today and spread the word by using it next time you venture onto the pitch in FIFA 18. SpecialEffect deserve it!