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December 15, 2017

Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two – Episode Four “Below the Bedrock” Review

As the penultimate episode of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two arrives for our perusal, it’s surprising how solid each and every episode of this second series has been; given how inconsistent the first season was. Telltale’s job isn’t over just yet though, as Episode Four, “Below the Bedrock”, must uphold the same high standards to set us up nicely for the upcoming finale. Does it meet the expectations, or should the developers hide their heads beneath the bedrock in disappointment?
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December 15, 2017

SOMA Review

Frictional Games may not be a household name within the gaming community, but if you’re a fan of horror, then you’ll certainly know who they are, or at the very least what they are known for. After joining forces and setting up shop in 2007, Frictional Games have given us multiple tales from the Penumbra universe, delivered the frightening spectacle that was Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and in more recent times they have taken players to the depths of the ocean floor with SOMA. Until now though each of these games have found themselves in a state of exclusivity away from Xbox. But now that’s changed, and SOMA has joined us here on Xbox One.
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December 12, 2017

Bush Hockey League Review

I don’t know an awful lot about hockey, but what I do know is that it isn’t a sport for the faint-hearted. Hard physical punishment is pretty much par for the course and whilst full on blood filled arenas would be frowned upon elsewhere, the physical side of the game, and the fighting in particular, is all part and parcel of the experience. That is never more true than if we head back a couple of decades to ice hockey of the 1970s. A time when men were men and blood was spilled.
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December 11, 2017

Rememoried Review

There are games out there that like nothing more than to hold your hand, whisper sweet nothings of reassurance in your ear, and give you little paths to follow, telling you what button to press, even after 15 hours of gameplay. Then there are games that like to give you a world of choice, letting you discover everything alone, whilst having a ball. Then there’s a game like Rememoried - a game that basically puts you into a surreal world of philosophy, astrology and mind bending physics, and hopes you might find out what the hell is going on. Welcome to a journey of the unreal. Where am I? What is this? Who is telling me these strange things? These are just some of the questions that [...]
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December 11, 2017

de Blob Review

First appearing way back in 2008 on the Nintendo Wii, de Blob is a platform-puzzle game coming from THQ Nordic. I missed this game the first time around, so the news that it has been ported to the Xbox One off the back of a successful port to PC is good news for me. The big question that I will attempt to answer in this review though is, is it good news for Xbox gamers in general? Come with me to Chroma City as I try and find out!
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December 11, 2017

Ashes Cricket Review

Character models deep in the Uncanny Valley? Check. Laughably bad commentary? Check. Hundreds of controls to get your head around? Check.  Is this game fun? Check, check, check!
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December 7, 2017

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator Review

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator is the official game based on none other than The Blue Angels, who are the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. With aviators coming from the best of both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marines, it’s fair to say these are a bunch of fellas who are pretty skilled in the skies.
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December 6, 2017

Paladin Review

Over recent years there has been a bit of a revival for the twin stick shooter. Blame Geometry Wars if you like, but when something comes with such an addictive draw and stunning gameplay mechanics, it only makes sense for other developers to jump on the bandwagon. And I have absolutely no issues with that because, in my eyes, the more twin stick shooting experiences that can be partaken in, the better. Paladin is the latest to hit the genre, and the development team at Pumpkin Games are selling it to us on the back of a blurb which mentions saving cities, destroying alien scum, upgrading space fighters and helping save humanity as we know it.
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December 6, 2017

A Hat In Time Review

Someone once said to me that the key to happiness is to wear a different hat every day. I’ve never tried this, but now I might get the chance with a game that’s all about hats and the magical special powers each one gives you. But is the gaming experience like an elegant and proud top hat, or a dirty old bobble hat sold in a charity shop for five pence? Only time will tell…
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December 4, 2017

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden Review

Artifex Mundi are back with yet another of their low priced point-and-click adventures, which are usually filled to the brim with mini games and hidden object scenes. The most recent of their previous offerings on Xbox One, Eventide 2, suffered from pointless new features and a real lack of longevity. Will the latest title of the same genre, Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden, be able to take it back to basics and deliver an adventure worth partaking in?
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