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Take on the street racing world with RGX: Showdown


There are a number of ways for us gamers to get our racing fix, but perhaps none are as fast paced as that found in RGX: Showdown.

Available right now on Xbox One, RGX: Showdown drops you into the manic world of the street racer, pitting you against the world as you make your way through traffic and enjoy the edge-of-your-seat racing experience it brings.

Priced at a mere £7.99, RGX: Showdown certainly looks to be well worth the small outlay and with 1v1 races, new multiplayer tournaments that kick off every hour and a variety of car parts in the form of colours and liveries to unlock via Challenges, seems to have the content side of things wrapped up too.

Don’t expect it to be a little walk in the park though, this is hardcore street racing in which a single blink of the eye may well see your chances ruined. If you’re prepared to take on tat challenge, attempting to stand head and shoulders above the competition and ensuring the world knows your name, then a visit to the Xbox Store will see you able to grab a download.

Game Description:

It’s you against the world as you race through traffic in teeth-gritting, edge-of-your-seat street races. Be a part of hourly online tournaments where you go one-on-one with opponents from all over the globe. Climb the ranks, unlock cars and customizations, and claim your championship title. Don’t Blink – Barrel down busy highways at break-neck speed in 1 v. 1 races. If you’re fast enough, races can take less than a minute, so if you blink, you lose. Challenge All – New tournaments begin every hour. These big, live, global multiplayer events are your chance to showcase your skill and style. Be Driven – Start in Class D and work your way up the tournament ranks, winning Event Points and Champion Cars along the way. Show Off – Use Garage Points from the various Events and Race Challenges to unlock colors and liveries. Stand out from the crowd and make sure your rivals remember that it was you who handed them defeat. Online only. Xbox Live subscription required for online multiplayer gameplay, sold separately.