Are you ready for the most explosive TERA character yet? The Gunner class is coming and you won’t have to wait very long at all.

Arriving on Xbox One and PS4 come June 26th 2018, the Gunner class in TERA is best described as a highly-mobile “artillery cannon,” whocan mow down mobs of enemies with her massive Arcannon. If you wish to tear up the TERA battlefield, then you will want to get hands on with the Gunner.

A fast-moving, ranged class that excels at high-DPS output and is built for clearing out mobs with powerful area-of-effect attacks. But they’re not just a one-shot class, as in addition to being at home as a ranged fighter, the Gunner boasts heavy armor and impressive close quarter combat skills that make them a deadly threat no matter the foe. Add in a bit of girl power and the ability to summon specialized constructs, and you’ve got “True Action Combat” on steroids.

In celebration of this announcement, you can find TERA Founder Packs on sale with a 33% discount until June 18th, after which they will be gone forever more, replaced instead by several new DLC packs. These will contain flying mounts that allow players to explore the world of TERA like never before—from the sky!

Those fans who are excited for the new Gunner class can unlock some items for their Gunner as part of a special pre-launch event. Starting today, TERA players can participate by completing specific in-game objectives that can earn them a different letter to spell “G-U-N-N-E-R.” Once completed, they will be rewarded with a Golden Will Suit costume and an Arcannon of Mettle weapon skin!

Is this enough to drag you back into TERA? Let us know in those comments.


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