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Survival strategy? Check. Randomly Generated Maps? Double check. Billions of zombies? Triple check. Yep, that’s right, They Are Billions is coming and if you’re not yet bored of the whole zombie outbreak, then this is certainly a game you’ll want to check out.

Currently available over on Steam, They Are Billions will very soon be delivering zombie based madness to Xbox One and PS4, as Blitworks and Numantian Games announce a July 2019 swarm release.

An acclaimed RTS that is being ported to console with the hope that the game can work brilliantly with either a controller or running with mouse and keyboard support – making the most of the Razer Turret for Xbox One hopefully – They Are Billions promises to be addictive, bloody and highly contagious.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where you are found facing an innumerable foe, it is up to you to build colonies strong enough to withstand the billions of infected zombies that roam the world, as they seek to annihilate the last surviving humans.

In order to survive you’ll need to utilise strategies, place buildings and manage resources, training your army and contracting mercenaries in the process. It will only be by using your forces and defenses wisely will you be able to survive against the billions of infected who are out to get you.

Features of They Are Billion include:

  • Survival Strategy Game – The aim of the game is to build a successful colony and survive for a specific period of time against billions of zombie enemies. Build walls, gates, towers, and structures to protect yourself. Train your army and contract the best mercenaries to protect the colony. Management of your resources and forces is the key to survival!
  • Real Time with Pause – While They Are Millions is a Real Time Strategy game, It comes with the ability for players to pause the game at any time. With the game paused, players can focus on making the best strategic decisions, giving them a layer of control missing from most RTS games.
  • Randomly Generated Maps – Every game presents new challenges for the player as each new game creates a random world generated with its own events, weather, geography, and infected population.
  • Thousands of Units on Screen – They Are Billions brings massive numbers of units to the game screen, up to 20,000 units playing in real time! Some are on your side, but be prepared to face the biggest swarms of infected you’ve ever seen.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Support – They Are Billions gives players the choice of playing with a keyboard & mouse or a controller, allowing players to experience the game how they choose.
  • Weekly Challenge – Weekly Challenges will be offered where participating players must play the same random map. The best scores are published on a leaderboard to allow for bragging rights and friendly rivalry among players.

Once an exact July 2019 release on Xbox One and PS4 is known, we’ll be sure to update you. For now though you could do a ton worse than check out the trailer below.


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