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Think of yourself as the Ultimate Chicken Horse? Well, it’s coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch!



You may have heard of Ultimate Chicken Horse, it has after all made a bit of a name for itself over in PC land. Well good news, because the hilarious party platformer will be making its way to new formats!

Ultimate Chicken Horse is jumping its way onto Xbox One, PS4 an Nintendo Switch in Q3 of 2017. It’ll task you with building a level, as you play, placing traps and hazards to make a stage difficult for your friends to complete. Don’t make it too hard though, as you’ll need to beat it yourself!

The console version will also bring a new Free Play mode, allowing players to create fully-functional levels from start to finish, rather than just placing obstacles and traps. PC players will receive a free update on console launch day, maintaining parity between all versions. After being inspired by the schoolyard game H.o.r.s.e., Ultimate Chicken Horse has three main game modes…In Party Mode, players choose from a handful of blocks to place and turns are simultaneous. Creative Mode opens up the entire inventory for players to choose from. Free Play Mode enables a single player to design levels from the full suite of objects, which they can save and share online. There’s also a solution for players who don’t have 4 controllers; Couch Hot Seat Mode which is like Creative Mode, but turn-based.

“Ultimate Chicken Horse’s hilarious and competitive multiplayer has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of PC gamers, so coming to consoles and allowing everyone to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their couch was an easy decision,” says Richard Atlas, CEO, Clever Endeavour Games.

We’ll no doubt bring you more as further details, including that all important release date, drop.

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