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It’s time to get back on the job as a ton of new DLC content arrives for PAYDAY 2



Since arriving back in 2015, PAYDAY 2 has hardly been a quiet addition to the Xbox One, and today sees even more new content arriving for the co-operative robbery simulating FPS adventure.

If you’re looking for even more ways to get the gang back together, then a trip to the Microsoft Store – or the PC and PlayStation equivalent – will see a whole host of new options available, seven in total, all of which are sure to get fans excited as John Wick and Scarface join the many options available.

The first of the new DLC packs arriving in PAYDAY are based on war veteran and the popular PAYDAY figure, Gage. Available for £3.99 each are the Gage Spec Ops Pack and the Gage Russian Weapons Pack.

The Gage Spec Ops Pack brings 12 new weapon modifications to the game as well as an all new special weapon, which can be found in the Card Loot Drops that are earnt after a successful heist for all DLC owners. All modifications in the Gage Spec Ops Pack can be attached to any weapons and are certain to enhance combat effectiveness.

Meanwhile the Gage Russian Weapons Pack brings three new weapons, a melee weapon, four masks, four materials, a bunch of patterns and three new achievements to the game. With Russian technology behind them, you can be sure they’ll assist in getting the job done.

The next two options are also available at £3.99 and bring the Scarface Character Pack and the John Wick Weapon Pack in to PAYDAY 2.

The first of these two packs, the Scarface Character Pack, sees players step into the shoes of the legendary gangster Scarface, before allowing you to unleash all hell with Scarface’s own Little Friend 7.62 Signature Weapon. It’ll also bring the Lumber Lite L2 Chainsaw and the Kingpin Perk Deck which deliver some new and unique perks for all DLC owners.

The John Wick Weapon Pack on the other hand is a great option for the professional assassin, with some all new options ready to grant efficiency and precision. With a weapon for every occasion to be found, the John Wick Weapon Pack offers weapons, masks, materials, patterns and even more new achievements, all of which are new and unique to the John Wick Weapon Pack.

The next two DLC packs joining the fold both come in at the price of £5.59 and bring some new Heists for players to get involved in.

The Scarface Heist Pack will send players on a revenge for Sosa Cartel, after an ambush on one of the Butcher’s weapons smuggling operations. The Scarface Heist Pack includes The Scarface Mansion Heist, a new firearm and melee weapon, four masks, new materials, patterns and more achievements.

The John Wick Heists DLC however allows you to get up close and personal with the legendary anti-hero’s world with two all-new Heists in the Brooklyn 10-10 and Yacht Heists. As well as the new Heists, this DLC brings two more weapons, four masks, new patterns and materials, two new Songs, and no less than six new achievements.

The final option available today is an all-in-one bundle in the form of The Master Plan DLC. Available now for £15.99, this is the perfect option for anyone wanting the full PAYDAY 2 experience.

With some of films most iconic characters now on the job, will you be heading into PAYDAY 2’s latest content? It’s all available right now from the Microsoft Store. Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels if you’ll be picking it up.