With online gaming being so popular, having a VPN really comes in handy. Not only does the user get to spoof their location, but they also allow people to watch movies only available in certain countries, and games that are blacked out online in certain cities. In addition to these perks, the main one is that all data is encrypted, hiding the identity, passwords, email address, home address and credit card information – all from the Xbox gaming console. One of the reasons using a console is so popular is the ability to take it wherever, and not having to pay for cable channels. This allows users to game, watch television and stream from one place that’s plug and play. In order to do this safely, having a VPN solution for Xbox is key. This opens the doors of opportunity in a number of ways while providing much needed privacy from online activities.

Let’s talk security

Consoles have a little more security than computers, but they can still experience hacking, data collection or phishing attempts. Once a hacker gets into an account, they can retrieve personal information and details that compromise the user. In fact, the US Department of Homeland Security contracted with a computer forensics group to hack data encrypted on consoles. Also, US police departments are using console communication channels to trace IPs, record conversations and leverage data to make arrests.

While it’s been said using a VPN for gaming can slow down the connection, it takes gaming to another level. The better someone is in the gaming world, the better the chances of them getting vetted for teaming and working with others all over the world to secure championships. Here are additional reasons for having a VPN solution for Xbox:

  • Protection from DDoS attacks

Having an added layer of protection from DDoS attacks helps protect the users real IP address, which helps them avoid cheaters who send attacks to lock them out of the game. DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service is when there is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a server by flooding it with malware.

  • Protection against swatting

The world of gaming is real … and ruthless. How serious do things get? If an opponent can trace an IP address and retrieve real addresses, they can call the police and report a false crime. This causes chaos – not only for the user, but for the entire community.

  • Accessibility to geo-blocked games

Game developers often release new games per country on a rolling basis. Having a VPN allows those gamers to access those games ahead of their regular schedule.

  • Unblocking stream services

Gamers use Xbox for streaming Netflix, but there are a number of other streaming services available in different countries that would be accessible. That means movies, TV shows and not shown in the home country

So how to choose a VPN for Xbox?

The first step is choosing the right VPN. Although there are many options, it’s not as easy as one may think. It’s important to do the research before making a final decision. Knowing what to look for is key. Avoiding free VPNs is a good choice, because they limit the amount of bandwidth gamers can use. Additionally, there are usually ads that show, which diminish the entire gaming experience.

Search for a VPN that has a strong encryption reputation and support when needed. The goal is to get as many features as possible for a reasonable price. It may be cheaper to utilize a yearly plan rather than a monthly one. Also, going over the terms of service very carefully can make a difference. Knowing what the policy is in reference to sharing information with third parties can help protect privacy.

There are a few recommended VPNs that work well for gamers, including IPVanish with over 1200+ servers, 60+ server locations and 40000+ IP addresses. It supports a maximum of 10 devices at a time. VyprVPN has over 700 servers, 70+ server locations and 200,000+ IP addresses. It supports between 3 and 5 devices. TorGuard has over 3000 servers, 55+ server locations, and supports up to 5 devices. Buffered VPN has 45 server locations and supports up to 5 devices. Ivacy is lauded as the most affordable VPN, with over 450 servers, 100+ server locations, and a maximum of 5 devices supported. In any instance, checking the costs of the monthly or yearly options can make a significant difference in affordability and quality.

Setting up the VPN with an Xbox console

There are a few ways to do this. Using an ethernet cable is good, as it increases download and upload speeds. This is the most recommended way to get maximum speed every time the console is used. Although people prefer using Wi-Fi, true gamers understand the abilities that come with being wired directly to the internet outlet. The only downside to using an ethernet cable is the limitations of where the console can plug and play. There are solutions for that, including getting a longer cord or an internet splicer. Purchasing a router with a VPN pre-installed VPN is the easiest option, but may be more expensive.

Taking the steps to install a VPN is not that difficult. The user must go through the router’s control panel, click on the Wi-Fi connection being used, find the connection and copy the IP gateway. Next, paste that into the internet browser. Once the router’s settings come up, enter the VPN’s information, open the system settings for the Xbox and go to network settings. Once inside the settings, the user should choose the VPN connection and select the option that connects it to the Xbox. Save the changes and exit.

When doing anything online, having a VPN to mask internal information seems to be the best solution to protect privacy. For someone who uses the Xbox for gaming and streaming services, this is the best-case scenario to protect personal intellectual property and information.