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Come September 3rd 2019 we’ll all be given the chance to head on in to another classic RPG adventure as Torchlight II releases on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Today though, as the pre-order system goes live, the teams at Panic Button and Perfect World Entertainment – they behind the likes of Star Trek Online – have revealed some super exclusive pets that will be hitting the console version of the game.

The hack’n’slash dungeon crawler that is Torchlight II will arrive on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch come September 3rd 2019, and today you can get your money in early, pre-ordering the game on Xbox One and PS4. Switch players will need to wait for this opportunity later in the summer. The classic action RPG will bring exciting new content and updates designed specifically for consoles by the team at Panic Button, with those who pre-order Torchlight II ahead of its launch unlocking a brand new pet for the game – the beloved goblin “Yapper.”

Xbox One players can visit the Xbox Store to purchase the game in advance for £16.74, while PS4 players can order the game from the PlayStation Store.

But Yapper isn’t the only new pet who will be making its debut in Torchlight II, and when the game releases on consoles Xbox One users will have the opportunity to explore Vilderan with a Molten Imp by their side, a fiery little rascal with smoke and ember effects on its tail. PS4 players meanwhile will be greeted by the Faerie, a magically crowned sprite that flutters with its monarch butterfly-like wings, while a new pet designed exclusively for Torchlight II on the Nintendo Switch will be revealed later this summer.

Like the original game, Torchlight II will attempt to set itself apart from other action RPGs with a charming art style, frantic combat, signature pet system and deep character customization. The console version retains these signature mechanics while adding enhanced controls, an improved targeting system and a new interface designed specifically with console gamers in mind. It also offers 4-player co-op, allowing players to team up with their friends for combat using a wireless Internet connection on all three platforms or through ad hoc play on the Nintendo Switch.

As soon as we see Torchlight II arrive for real on the Xbox Store in September, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now though, stump up the cash in order to get your exclusive Yapper, and make sure you check out the trailer below too. It’s well worth a watch.


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