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Watch cities rise and fall with the latest video for Conan Exiles



It promises to come as a huge open world survival sandbox, one which will give players the opportunity to build, defend and conquer homes and entire cities. The latest video for Conan Exiles shows that off perfectly.

Releasing on Xbox One and PC soon, Conan Exiles will first drop in as an Early Access title on PC from the 31st Jan 2017. That will be followed by an Xbox One Game Preview showing later in the spring. Before all that though, the development team at Funcom have released the video below, showing how players will have to survive, build, and dominate alone or in multiplayer on public and private servers. They also give a unique glimpse into the building, the crafting, and the many different ways players can destroy their enemies’ settlements in ‘Conan Exiles’.

“They say that home is where your heart is, but in ‘Conan Exiles’ home is where you keep the hearts of your enemies,” says Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom. “Building is a big part of ‘Conan Exiles’ and you will need to build smart and build strong in order to defend yourself from the environment, cannibals, monsters, and of course enemy players. We are working hard to make sure players have powerful tools to build and defend their kingdoms.”

In the new video, Joel Bylos and Lead Designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle talk about how players can build on mountainsides using a very flexible building system, and how you and your enemies will be able to summon giant avatars of the gods that can wreak havoc and destruction on anything made by players. They highlight the fact that ‘Conan Exiles’ is anything but an empty sandbox: here players will discover remnants of ancient civilizations, and they must build on top of and in between the dilapidated ruins of vast, forgotten cities.

But that’s not all as Funcom has also announced that Joel Bylos and Community Manager Jens Erik Vaaler will host another live gameplay stream on Twitch.tv/Funcom today. At 19:00 CET/1pm EST on Friday January 6th, as the duo once again turn on the camera and this time they will be showing advanced building and crafting gameplay.

An open-world survival title set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian, the world’s greatest fantasy hero, Exiles will be available with both private and public servers, either in multiplayer or local single-player. Survival is more than tracking down food and water though and you’ll need to journey through a vast, seamless world filled with the ruins of ancient civilizations, uncovering its dark history and buried secrets as you seek to conquer and dominate the exiled lands.

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