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Styx may think he’s hardcore but he certainly isn’t as the latest trailer from Styx Master of Shadows sees him trying to embrace the shadows….or die trying.

‘Die Harder’ can be viewed below and you can obviously make out from the trailer title that you’ll find Styx dying a fair old bit as he attempts to climb the Tower of Akenash….whether that be by running out of his precious reserves of Amber, by wandering into a group of guards, or by landing at the feet of a giant monster.

The best way for Styx to keep alive and reach his goal is by harnessing the power of stealth, but you know what, that doesn’t always work out for the best!

Styx Master of Shadows will be downloadable in October on Xbox One for £24.99.


  1. Nice. I’d rather be punished for being sloppy or stupid, rather than just getting to run away while absorbing damage, then magically healing. Of Orcs and Men had a lot of problems, but I’m still willing to give this a shot.


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