It’s Gamescom week, and we all know that means mass excitement over the new games that’ll be on the Xbox One in the near future. But what about the great games already available? Maybe this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 22nd-28th August 2017 can make some of those more appealing. So, let’s have a look at the best and the worst of the discounts currently in place!

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Grab Digerati Family Friendly Bundle – 70% off – £4.32

When a bundle is discounted to less than the price of the cheapest game found within it, you know it’s a bargain to be had.

The Digerati Family Friendly Bundle may only contain two games, but both of them are thought to be worth their full prices. Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey puts your vocabulary to the test as you spell out words using a grid of letters to vanquish any and all enemies in your way. Combining clever wordplay with turn-based RPG action works out pretty well. The other game, Vertical Drop Heroes HD, is an RPG with Rogue-like elements where you’ll find plenty of replayability and randomness as you navigate the vertically scrolling levels; defeating enemies, unlocking chests and freeing comrades along the way.

I can’t see any reason not to buy this bundle.

Tempter STAR WARS Battlefront Ultimate Edition – 80% off – £5.00

An easy to pick up shooter, Star Wars Battlefront brings the world of Star Wars alive with the inclusion of iconic locations and legendary characters. Although it initially struggled to provide longevity, the addition of downloadable content fleshed out the game to satisfy the majority of fans. Who wouldn’t be happy with extra playable heroes like Jyn Erso from Rogue One and the opportunity to fight on-board the Death Star?

Normally, I’d be saying to snap up the Ultimate Edition of almost any game when it’s priced at just £5.00 – the discount is rather huge. But the reason I’m semi-cautious in regards to Star Wars Battlefront is simply because if there are any other EA games that take your fancy, then it’s worth grabbing an EA Access subscription to get instant access to all this content and a whole load of other top titles.

Tempter Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition – 50% off – £20.00

It may be two years old, but the climax to Rocksteady’s Batman series is nothing short of being a superb experience. The massive open world of Gotham City serves as a playground for the Dark Knight to roam around and take of any villains willing to cause trouble on his watch. There are new gadgets to play with and for the first time gamers are able to drive through the streets behind the wheel of the infamous Batmobile. Even the cutscenes and set pieces are beautifully done, ensuring the story doesn’t get overlooked in any way.

There’s no better way to live the life of Batman than by playing Batman: Arkham Knight, and if you haven’t already gotten involved, then the addition content found within the Premium Edition will keep you entertained for hours.

Leave – Various Trials Fusion Acorn Packs – 10-35% off – £3.59-£15.59

The ingenious and addicting racing platforming of Trials Fusion has been given to the masses for free via Games With Gold for this month, so naturally there’s a temptation to cash in by throwing a few related deals into this week’s sale.

I really can’t recommend you spend money on the poorly discounted Acorns – available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packs – especially when they can actually be earned in-game with a bit of hard work and determination. You’d be nuts to spend money on them.

That’s all for this week, but be sure to take a look at the entirety of the Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale. Feel free to let us know what deals you picked up or about any that you think people should avoid at all costs. We’re always reachable via social media, the forums, or in the comments below; get in touch!


  1. I am tempted by Star Wars for £5 but I’m concerned that either the servers will be dead or the people on there are going to be hardcore fans that have played it night and day and that I’ll just get destroyed every game or a combination of both!

    • The servers are doing okay for the more popular game modes, but others are dying off a little now, but there are still plenty of newcomers to even the playing field so i’d recommend getting involved 🙂


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