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Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale bargains should you pick up? – 25th July 2017

Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale bargains should you pick up? – 25th July 2017

by Neil Watton (neil363)July 25, 2017

New game releases are currently a little thin on the ground, and so when the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale kicks in again with big discounts on older titles, you really should be taking a look. This week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 25th July – 1st August 2017 brings a decent number of discounts to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 masses, but the question is, which are the best and worst deals on offer? Stick with us as we take a look.

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GrabRiME – 33% off – £16.07

If you only buy and play one game this year, then RiME should be it.

And this week one of the very best games of this generation is discounted by 33%. Seriously, you still sat here reading this? Get your console switched on and purchase the stunning adventure right now.

You see, very rarely does a game comes along that delivers such an emotional journey throughout such a beautiful world. It comes with super intuitive gameplay, some stunning visuals and enough content to keep you going for some time yet. It may not be super cheap with this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale, but we’d not hesitate to tell you to buy it at double the current price, and so you really should be getting involved asap.

GrabTeslagrad – 70% off – £3.60

There aren’t a huge number of super cheap games on offer with this weeks Deals With Gold sale, and so it is that which makes Teslagrad stand out a bit more than usual. But don’t just think it’s only here because of the price – it’s a damn good game too.

Teslagrad from Rain Games will appeal to those lovers of platforming adventures, or if you were one of those who grew up playing games like Super Metroid and Castlevania. From its stunning hand-drawn art style to the delightful soundtrack and brilliant controls, Teslagrad is a must buy at just £3.60.

In fact, it’s possibly the bargain of the week.

TempterWorld to the West – 33% off – £13.39

Our review of World to the West mentioned that the price was a little high for the game that it delivered. Well, seeing as it took home 4/5 stars, I guess that a decent discount can only mean that is it even more appealing. Which is exactly why it is being included here.

A puzzling adventure from Rain Games, the same creators as Teslagrad above, the turn of the century steampunk world that it is set in will draw you in forever more. With a bit of combat giving you a rest from the puzzles that are found within, and a host of brilliant characters helping push the whole thing along, if you’ve been tempted in by Teslagrad because of the price, and wish to know more about the creative minds of those at Rain Games, then World to the West is most definitely a little tempter.

Give it a shot if you’ve got the cash spare.

LeaveTour de France 2017 – 25% off – £29.99

So Froomey has won it again. What better way to celebrate than by firing up the official videogame of Le Tour 2017 and look back on all the best bits of the recent three week long race?

Well, there are plenty of better ways in fact, because Tour de France 2017 isn’t really the game that the Tour deserves. Yeah, so it comes with all the usual stages, it delivers Pro Tour and the Challenges are half decent fun, but overall, as a game that is meant to replicate all the thrills and spills of the real world event? Nah, not a chance.

Rehashed visuals, a complete and utter lack of any collision detection system worth talking about and some of the poorest sounds you can think of all contribute to ensuring that the Tour de France series of games is left wanting for another year. Perhaps one day we’ll see a game that is fully deserving of the name… but by the time that happens it may well be that Froome, Uran, Bardet and the rest of their pedalling friends will be long retired.

Just save your money and spend it on something decent instead.

So that’s it for this week, in a week which sees no real massive discounts take hold, instead leaving it to the quality of the games to sell themselves. Being completely honest, if you haven’t yet snapped up RiME, then don’t wait a second longer as you’ll be lucky to find a better indie game this year – that is quite possibly the real standout for this week. Of course, let us know your thoughts on this weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale by posting in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Remember, these are just our picks of the latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale. For the full listing, detailing every single Xbox One and Xbox 360 discount available for this week, hit up our article below.

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  • stylon (Steve)

    Picked up Rime and am enjoying it, but… only in short bursts. Why? Because the frame-rate is horrible, not seen anything quite this bad for a while and it does spoil the game for me. I get a headache playing it after about an hour and I have to stop playing. Real shame as the game has a great atmosphere and world to explore but every time I pan the camera around the fluctuating frame-rate rears its ugly head 🙁

    • Seriously, you gotta stick with it…even if it’s 15 mins at a time! Stunning game.