Playing blackjack on your home gaming console is a great way to learn the game. You can either play against friends and family or against the game’s AI opponents. While there isn’t a great deal of blackjack games available for Xbox, the ones we found are great for getting to grips with the game.

Once you’ve learned the ropes, you can play for real money. There are many websites out there, however on, you’ll find a lot of useful information as well as some of the best online blackjack games. But for now, here are three of the best blackjack games available to play on Xbox. You’ll find that there are plenty of similarities between the below titles, the first two especially, but that each also comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. So read and choose carefully before you decide which one to try first.

  1. Golden Royal Blackjack

This indie game is one of the best online blackjack games and is available for a mere 200 MS points. Aside from offering your support to an indie developer, you have a fun blackjack variant to play whenever you feel like it. Some of the game’s royal cards are golden, and if you have a winning hand that includes a golden card among the first two, you’re awarded a bonus. This game mechanic adds to the fun when trying to top your high score.

As you advance through the game’s 100 ranks, you unlock various card styles and backgrounds. While this addition is a basic one, it helps to motivate you as you play on. You can play online on the Xbox Live Network if you’re sick of playing against AI. While you’re limited to playing with just three opponents online, you can play with up to four on local play.

  1. Avatar Deluxe Blackjack

Avatar Deluxe is a fun game that displays your Xbox Live avatar. You can practice your technique offline, or if you’d prefer, play with real people online from all over the world. If you play online, you can play with up to seven players in total, or you can play locally with a maximum of four players. When you play with friends, however, that’s when you really see what the game can do. When you play with real-life competition, the cheesey graphics and sound effects melt away into the background. 

There are 12 in-game prizes to be won that unlock such content as new backgrounds and dealers. These achievements give you the chance to show off to your fellow players online. The game’s voices work well and help to create atmosphere, although a number of the animation sequences are unable to be skipped, such as when each of the avatars is playing their hand. This is just part and parcel of playing against real people, but it should otherwise be optional when playing against AI.

At only 240 MS points, it’s not the most costly game in the world, and you’ll get good value regardless of how well you play the game. It’s a great feeling to play blackjack for free while still feeling the thrill of scoring a 21.

  1. Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo

If you like you card games with more of a retro arcade vibe, Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo is for you. It features a number of nods to games such as Street Fighter, while, at the same time, also acting as an entertaining game of blackjack. There are 12 characters for you to choose from, with each having their very own personality.

The games are interspersed with cutscenes, which are quite fun, and as each game lasts only a few minutes, it’s a great one to play for 10 minutes or so when you feel like you want to brush up on your blackjack skills. Overall, few card games pack as much personality at this one.