The games console battle has long been fought by Microsoft and Sony, with the Xbox and PlayStation the two stand out systems that are regularly seem going head to head. When the Xbox One dropped, it did sort of struggle, largely due to the Kinect being thrown in which saw the price hiked up. This gave the PlayStation 4 the upper hand, but then along came the Xbox One X, the most powerful games console on the market.

The Xbox One X was in no uncertain terms a giant leap forward for Microsoft. They brought in a system that could not only handle native 4K gaming, but a console which has near-PC power, smashing the boundaries of gaming as whole. This is essential in order for the console to appeal to the whole range of gamers, from novice beginners right through to players who spend time at Unibet and similar online casino sitesWith this in mind, its important that Microsoft dont rest on their laurels, as they look to deliver even more with their next console which some expect to be named the Xbox Two.

First of all, its highly likely that Microsoft will want to reap further rewards from the Xbox One X before they press ahead with releasing another console. They will look to take everything that has proven successful with the One X, such as the removal of the Kinect port and other unnecessary features and combine that with new and fresh ideas that will see an even greater console produced next time.

It really is about continuing with the good things, working on those that need work, while adding new and exciting features too. Some of the features we are likely to see include both virtual reality and augmented reality. While technology such as motion-sensing proved to be a bit of a flash in the pan, both VR and AR are exciting developers, with the capabilities being huge.

Microsoft have already said that the One X will fully support Windows 10 virtual and mixed reality headsets and with the PlayStation VR seeming going from strength to strength, its unlikely Microsoft will let them gain a further advantage in this area, with them likely to create a headset of their own to rival that of Sonys. Putting the latest tech into use is vital for the success of a games console, as long as it is done correctly.

Were also likely to see more cross platforming from Microsoft with the next Xbox too. This is already underway with some Windows 10 gamers being able to play alongside or against friends using their Xbox console on titles such as Sea of Thieves. With the consoles Microsoft produce now being close to PCs in the power stakes, its important that a cross platform system is further encouraged.

The future really is bright for Microsoft and the Xbox. Theyre undoubtedly the console kings right now, and they have everything in place to further strengthen their position at the top. They know what their customers want, and more importantly dont want, and going forward you would expect them to deliver something even greater than the Xbox One X within the next three or four years.