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Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 15th Dec 2015


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In the run up to Christmas, we have, yet again been treated to a bit of a dodgy Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale. The vast majority of discounts in place between the 15th-21st Dec 2015 aren’t particularly tempting, but that said, we reckon you should be keeping an eye on the following…for both the right and wrong reasons!

Grab – Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition Bundle Pack – 50% off – £8.00

It’s very rare for me to include an EA title in the grab section of this weekly article, but with the dire discounts in place on everything else, it leaves me with little choice.

Ideally, you’d want to pick up an EA Access pass in order to play Need For Speed Rivals, but for £8.00, the Complete Edition Bundle pack, with everything else that it brings to the table is fairly decent value for money. Of course, that only becomes true should you decide that you need all the six DLC bits and bobs that comprise the Complete Edition. If you don’t then, well, god knows what else you should be buying this week!

Tempter – Star Wars Battlefront Standard Edition – 33% off – £36.84

Occasionally there is a game included in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale that doesn’t scream BARGAIN, but does warrant a second look. The standard edition of Star Wars Battlefront is that game.

Whilst our review is very close to going live, lack of content is seemingly a big issue for Battlefront, but with the hype around the film, it was an obvious choice to discount the game, no matter how recently it was released! The £33% off ensures that the standard edition is a pretty tempting price, especially if you’ve yet to check it out.

Leave – Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition – 25% off – £78.74

Yes I know. I just said Star Wars Battlefront was tempting. Indeed the standard edition is. But the Ultimate Edition at a whopping £78.74? Not a chance in hell!

Okay, so it brings you the Season Pass and a ton of in-game material, but is that really worth the price that is being asked? We’re not too sure it is you know, especially when chances are that we’ll be seeing Battlefront drop into the EA Access Vault in a few months time.

Feel free to get involved in the hype though.

Leave – Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations – 25% off – £26.24

It pains me to include the delightful Finn and Jake in to this piece with a big bad LEAVE IT hanging over their heads, but we have come to love the Deals With Gold sale because it brings in a number of big discounts each and every week.

25% off an Xbox 360 game (especially one that is only going to appeal to a select audience), doesn’t really warrant the inclusion, no matter how much we wish it did.

Come back to us with a bigger discount, perhaps in the region of 50% and we’ll talk again!

If you like what you see above and fancy getting involved with the first and perhaps second of the games on the list, head over to the Xbox Games Store right now. Make sure you pop by CDKeys first to pick up some cheap Xbox Live Credit though. Every penny counts!

You can check out the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 15th – 21st Dec 2015 right here.