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Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 17th Nov 2015


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Black Friday is on the horizon and it looks like the big dogs at Xbox HQ have held back the really good deals for a later time. That said, the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 17th-23rd November 2015 has a fair few titles that you should be taking a look at…and also some that come in with absolutely disgusting prices.

Grab – Narco Terror – 85% off – £1.01 – Xbox 360 – FULL REVIEW

Back in 2013 , Narco Terror was one of our first ever reviews. Sitting pretty on the Xbox 360, in a time before Xbox One had arrived and completely overhauled the industry, this twin stick shooter does a decent enough job at dishing out the justice, one grenade at a time.

With both single player and cooperative modes available, whether you’re a lone wolf or someone who prefers to team up with others, Narco Terror is well worth the ONE POUND it is currently priced at. We guess you’ll probably now struggle to find anyone to co-op it up with however, but persuade a friend to spend a quid too and you’re sorted.

It’s a bloody pound for a game – just go and buy it!

Grab – Spy Chameleon – 33% off – £2.67 – Xbox One – FULL REVIEW

Spy Chameleon is a fun little game, and occasionally that’s all we ever need. It’s also very short, so when it comes down in price like it has for the next week, it’s worth jumping on.

A simple premise, all you need to do is help move your Chameleon through as many of the 75 challenges possible without being seen. Switching colour (like any good Chameleon will do) is key to your success and with a more than decent speed-running element, there is plenty of replayability available.

For a few quid, we reckon you should be getting involved.

Leave – Warframe – 3210 Platinum + Triple Rare Mods – 30% off – £76.99 – Xbox One

I could have included any number of the Warframe platinum ‘sale’ deals that are in place as ones to leave well alone, but I’m plumping for the big 3210 version as the cost of it is pretty laughable. Granted, you may not be paying for the actual game, but £76.99 for some Mods and Platinum is quite possibly the worst thing you could spend you money on. You do realise that is fast approaching £100 territory for some game add-ons? Ridiculous.

You can check out the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale listing for 17th-23rd November 2015 right here.

If you fancy taking our advice and grabbing some of the discounts with the games above, then why not purchase yourself some cheap Xbox credit first.