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Which of this weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 5th May 2015


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The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is live and bringing bargains to the good people of Xbox Live Gold-land. But which of the numerous deals in place should you be picking up? Let us tell you!

Xbox One owners may be a little disappointed with the offerings this week. There is no doubt that Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed Unity are both great games (yes, even Unity!), but the prices on offer aren’t low enough to tempt us into a sale. That said, if you’ve been holding off for the Far Cry Season Pass then we’d urge you to go for it right now.

However, Xbox 360 owners have a decent amount of titles to choose from, some at stupidly low prices. So without further ado, go grab the following. You won’t be disappointed.

Far Cry 3 –  50% off – £9.99

It may not be the latest Far Cry title but if you listen to some, then it is still the best.

After decent starts with both the original game and then Far Cry 2, it was the third game in the series that really captured gamers imaginations. Prepare to explore an island filled with intrigue, violence and suffering as you attempt to escape from surroundings occupied by deranged inhabitants. With more than one twist in the tale and hours of the very best open world gameplay available, you’d be silly to miss out on Far Cry 3 just because it isn’t the very latest in the series.

This week you’ll be able to pick the game up for less than a tenner and we’d be surprised if it went much lower than that anytime soon!

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon – 75% off – £2.49

Whisk yourself back to the 1980’s as you battle through a bizarre island filled with cyborgs, mutants and dragons! Standing alone from the main game above, Blood Dragon uses all the great mechanics we love in Far Cry 3, but puts the most unique of distortion onto things. It’s a world full of exploration and excitement and once you’ve spent five minutes with the glorious 80’s style, won’t ever want to leave!

For less than a pint of ale, you really should get involved.

Double Dragon Neon – 75% off – £1.68

Okay, we aren’t looking at the greatest game ever but for less than £2 you wouldn’t expect to find it. Double Dragon Neon however is nicely placed for those who need a little bit of brawling action in their lives. Don’t expect too much of it, but for the stupidly low price, you’ll find a few hours of decent fun at the very least.

So there we have it. Even if Xbox One owners should be sitting this week out, there are a good few decent games available for 360 owners to get their teeth into. As always, you can find the full list of this weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale here.

Let us know what you grab in the comments below.