world 2

It may have the silliest name in the Xbox One library, but World 2: Hunting Boss is now available for download – and it comes in at a super cheap price.

£3.99 is all you need to experience the quick and simple gameplay found in World 2: Hunting Boss. A single player title, you will get to fight the final boss without needing to worry about going through all the usual hassle of battling previous troops and set pieces.

Surely the price point alone is enough to tempt you in to a purchase of Guangzhou Good Games and Taiwan OXON Game Studio latest title? If it is, then you just need to head over to the Xbox One Games Store now.

Game Description:

The Xbox One version of The World 2: Hunting BOSS is created by Guangzhou Good Games and Taiwan OXON Game Studio. It’s a single-player game with the same IP of the classic The World OL, another member in the works of Guangzhou Good Games. It features the simple and quick gameplay: players will face the final BOSS directly without fighting previous troops and instances.


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