The videogames industry quite often gets hit with a bad reputation but today, the team behind World Of Tanks on Xbox One can only be praised – for all net proceeds from the ‘For The Children’ DLC go direct to charity.

World of Tanks may be a free-to-play title, but there are a whole load of content packs available for purchasing at a premium price. The latest is that of ‘For The Children’ and it brings in Crew XP boosts, First Aid Kits and more. Priced at £3.99, the good thing about this content pack is that not only does the gamer get hold of a bundle bringing vital in-game goodies, but all net proceeds will go directly to the War Child charity – helping support children who have seen their lives ripped apart by war.

It’s all for a great cause so make sure you visit the Xbox Games Store right now, get gifted some World of Tanks benefits and help a child out at the same time!

DLC Description:

War Child is an organization committed to supporting children who have their lives torn apart by war, something no child should have to experience. To help this noble cause, we are offering a bundle with vital in-game goods, with net proceeds going directly to War Child. Because no child should ever be part of war, consider helping out today.Bundle Includes:• (2) x6 Crew XP Boosts • (2) x5 XP Boosts • (5) Small First Aid Kit • (2) Large First Aid Kit


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