Now that more details have emerged from Gamescom 2015, courtesy of 2K, we thought we’d take a look at whether WWE 2K16 is making the improvements that the fans have been asking for.

Straight away there are positive signs when details surrounding the WWE 2K16 MyCareer mode came to fruition. Last year it had a decent structure from the Performance Center to becoming a fully fledged Superstar, however it lacked in a few key areas. Now you’ll be able to rise through the ranks all the way from NXT to being in the WWE Hall of Fame, creating a legit legacy. On this journey there’ll be training, rivals, interviews to get across your character personality and even the option to form a tag team. It sounds too good to be true, but if 2K can deliver then it’ll be much improved.

The wrestling universe is overflowing with creative minds and so the Creation Suite is an important outlet for fans to add their own finishing touches. New features within the suite for this year are Create a Diva, Create a Championship, Create an Arena and Create a Show. Create a Diva was a necessary addition, especially when you take into account the current Divas revolution, the world is taking notice of the talent that the women’s division holds. I know I’ll be attempting to recreate the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus, if they aren’t already in as part of the largest ever roster.


There’s also expected to be core improvements to Universe mode and the way Online matchmaking works, apparently 2K have been listening to the fans feedback. I sure hope so because it was a pain in the arse trying to play online in WWE 2K15. 2K Showcase is back too but the latest news at Gamescom about WWE 2K16 wasn’t all about game modes, so let’s find out more on the gameplay side of proceedings.

Think back to when you were playing the old game, well that’s all about to change thanks to improved controls, new reversal and pin systems, improved A.I. and a much better looking submission system. What’s pretty cool about the pinning system is the way you can try dirty pins using the ropes and if the referee doesn’t spot it you may just pull off a cheap victory. Reversals have been separated into minor and major types, with each type taking a different amount of your reversal stock. Do you waste a reversal on a body slam or save it to prevent an RKO outta nowhere?!

All good stuff so far.

So now we move onto the lesser details, the stuff that won’t mean a lot to most people but could be the change that someone really wanted. There are new match types including Ladder, handicap and tornado tag matches which are always welcome. Also during the entrances of matches you’ll be able to attack the opponent. Why wait for the bell to ring before you start laying the smackdown on your rival?


Apart from the three-man commentary team of JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole, I’m afraid that’s all for now. I’ve never been a huge fan of the commentary in the WWE games as it often feels repetitive, wooden and forced. But I’ll reserve my judgement on the WWE 2K16 offering until it’s released.

As a lifelong WWE fan I’m pleased to see the improvements they are putting into place, now it’s all about the execution of them. All that’s really left for us to find out is who fills the rest of the WWE 2K16 roster slots and whether the Showcase, as expected, is centred on Stone Cold Steve Austin or if there’s a spot for a Divas Showcase.

If ya’ll are excited… gimme a hell yeah!!