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Xbox Countdown to 2018 Daily Deal – 25th Dec


It’s Christmaaaaas, but before you go running for all the presents, it is well worth checking out the latest Xbox Countdown to 2018 Daily Deal – the one for December 25th no less.

The Xbox Countdown to 2018 sale is still running and even Christmas day itself can’t take us away from the bargains. After a disappointing Christmas Eve discount that only really appealed to those who would have purchased The Sims 4 previously, it would be great to see the Daily Deal for 25th December delivering the goods. But it isn’t.

Available for 24 hours from now are the following Xbox One discounts – NBA anyone?

If you wish to grab the bargains listed above, then you should be heading over to the Microsoft Store immediately. Remember, this Daily Deal is part of the wider range of Xbox Countdown to 2018 sale price cuts, and whilst this will only be here for one day, if you want to grab a whole host of bargains, then you should be checking out the full Countdown sale.

Don’t forget to let us know if you’ll be taking Microsoft up on today’s offer by posting in the comments below.

Merry Xmas – now go and enjoy the presents, food, and everything else that the festive season brings! Because let’s be honest, the Daily Xmas Deal ain’t the best.

  • NoME2WasNotAGoodGame

    Microsoft looking to make Christmas sales a joke, I guess. Wasn’t this the exact dog shit that went on last Christmas? Discounts were slim to no different (worse) than black friday. Digital still highly overpriced. Good job 2017, what a joke of a year for gaming. Nobody wanted to take anything in the right direction, even something as simple as a sale. I can’t count how many sales on these games straight up sucked. And then they insult us with Microtransactions “deal of the day”. Blow me, Microsoft.

    • Puppy

      Complaining as usual some peoples just can’t never be happy (rolls eyes)-_-

    • Puppy

      Guess what you doofus, some peoples prefer to have the same Black Friday sales, Businesses do this all the time for the holidays. Since you like to whine and complain maybe gaming just isn’t for you? I had a nice Christmas # blow me

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