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Currently rolling on Steam Early Access, Vector 36 has not only seen a major update go live, but Xbox One and PS4 versions have been announced.

Vector 36 will give you the chance to race across Mars as you skim its surface looking for the fastest lines and toughest creations which will suit your piloting needs. You’ll need to design a race craft like no other if you wish to succeed with modification and a ton of parts, accessories and weapons all being available to each racer.

With physics playing a key part, you’ll need to think carefully before you begin to create the perfect skimmer.

Unfortunately, it seems like console owners will need to wait a while before we get to go hands on. Whilst the PC version is receiving a sizeable update, current plans are that Xbox One and PS4 owners will be able to get racing in late 2016.

If you’re interested though, the PC Early Access update contains the following…

– New DLC includes the 4 slot enclosed Garage!
– Stage 1 full VR support. Reworked cockpit models and interfaces.
– In-Cockpit pilot model and active IK added.
– Major optimizations to models and terrain.
– Rework of initial skimmer difficulty and flight model reworked for stability.
– Damage model change allows “brushing” against objects without total destruction.
– Skimmer History and initial save states (a skimmer undo button).
– Garage test mode before edit commitment.
– Controller input now drives interface making it easier for VR navigation.
– General stability and glitch fixes.

We will of course keep you fully up-to-date with all thing Vector 36 as and when we can.

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