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Zoo Tycoon Hidden Coin Walkthrough Videos

Zoo Tycoon Hidden Coin Walkthrough Videos

by Neil Watton (neil363)December 6, 2013

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Whilst caring for all your animals in Zoo Tycoon is all well and good, you also have the opportunity to go and search for hidden animal coins.

With an achievement waiting once you’ve collected them all, it’s worth doing but at the same time it’s a pretty long winded tiresome job…….And so we’ve gone through finding all those damn hidden coins for you and recorded their locations.

Hit the links below to be whisked over to YouTube in order to watch our videos and help you find all coins.

Good luck!

Antelope – Savannah Large

Bear – Grasslands Small

Binturong – Savannah Medium

Capuchin – Tropical Medium

Chimp – Alpine Medium

Elephant – Temperate Large

Flamingo – Tropical Large

Fossa – Savannah Small

Giraffe – Grasslands Medium

Hippo – Grasslands Large

Iguana – Temperate Large

Komodo – Tundra Large

Lemur – Temperate Medium

Lion – Savannah Large

Meerkat – Tundra Large

Mongoose – Tundra Small

Parrot – Alpine Small

Peafowl – Alpine Large

Red Panda – Alpine Large

Rhino – Grasslands Large

Sloth – Tundra Medium

Snake – Tropical Small

Tortoise – Tropical Large

Tiger – Temperate Small

Zoo Keeper – Alpine Large

Hopefully this list will help you out in your quest to grab all the hidden coins in the Xbox One version of Zoo Tycoon.




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