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10 of the best Xbox One games from 2017 for easy gamerscore/achievement collection!


Since the introduction of Gamerscore to the Xbox Live service, the idea of what it takes to complete games has slowly developed into a new meaning altogether. Before Gamerscore arrived, completing a game would mean nothing more than finishing the story or campaign on offer, before jumping into the next adventure and discarding those we’ve put to the sword to the back of the pile. Now though with Gamerscore taking pride of place on our profiles, and the addiction that is Achievement hunting continuing to rule over gamers, completing a game now means mastering everything there is to offer whilst earning that sweet 1000/1000.

With that in mind here’s a list of 10 of the easiest Xbox full game completions of 2017.

ARK Survival Evolved

No, this isn’t a trick inclusion, and no I haven’t completely lost my mind. As someone who has spent countless hours trying to master mere basic survival skills since the day of release, I’m well aware of the sheer difficulty that can come from even the easiest difficulty setting on ARK Survival Evolved. So why have I included it? Console commands of course!

Whilst ARK may be one of the hardest games available on the Xbox One should you be jumping in without a large tribe to help you through those early baby steps, Studio Wildcard have given us the tools – if you know where to look – to be able to make the experience a whole lot easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.

For those who dabble within the PC gaming scene, console commands will be something you’ve heard of all too many times. For those who have been strictly console gamers however, console commands work as a type of cheat code. You type in the command and you instantly get anything your heart desires from the game. God mode? No problem. Walk through walls? You got it. Any item can be yours, dinosaurs can be tamed and anything that you thought was out of reach is now as simple as typing in a simple command. Best of all, you can use these commands to progress through the game and still unlock all the achievements along the way. Pretty neat considering they would otherwise be damn near impossible for the majority of players.

And that’s why ARK deserves a mention.

Black The Fall

When it comes to easy completions, a good place to search is within the many indie puzzlers that are available on Xbox One. One notable game that released not so long ago is the INSIDE-esque puzzler, Black The Fall.

In this dystopian styled puzzle-platformer, players take on the role of Black – a character whose daily life involves performing similar tasks to the many other drones around him in order to help power the high-tech machinery found throughout the world.

To escape the dangerous world, players will need to utilise their best stealth and platforming skills to avoid the many security hazards throughout the land. Whilst this would normally sound like a match made in hell for those wanting a game that they can breeze through in an afternoon, Black The Fall is actually a rather simple adventure.

Sure, there are a few areas that could prove a little testing to anyone not paying attention, but at no point are players ever tasked with anything overly difficult, and with the full 1000/1000 available after just a few short hours of play, this is not only one of 2017’s sleeper hits, but also a surprisingly easy game to add to your completed pile.

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

Drifting games have been a long-missed opportunity in the console environment, and with countless titles available away from the console platform it felt like we’d never see one arrive. Of course, Absolute Drift changed that, and whilst it’s not a third or first-person simulation experience looking to throw us into each corner harder than a quiet U-bend in the middle of winter, it is without a doubt a truly great game.

What makes things even nicer of course is the fact that other than a couple of achievements that may take a little extra concentration, Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is a game that can be bested within an afternoon, with no real effort at all. With no more than three or four hours needed to squeeze every drop of life out of those wheels as you glide around each winding bend, Absolute Drift is not only a great game for an easy completion, but also one that will see you sliding your way to 1000/1000 in style.


It’s a rare occasion when a horror game pops up and offers something entirely different to the usual jump scare affair, but SOMA was one of the few games to arrive on Xbox in 2017 that did just that. Throughout the deep-sea adventure, SOMA brought tension, a great story and the perfect setting along with the optimum blend of horror as we finally got to go hands on with one of the best modern horrors available.

What makes things nicer is that SOMA comes without any challenging achievements, and whilst there are still a number of puzzles involved, there are none that will leave you scratching your head for too long. With the overall experience only taking about 5 or 6 hours at most, SOMA isn’t exactly a long game to play through and with every achievement likely to pop on your first playthrough – provided you’re thorough in your exploration – this is not only one of the best games of 2017 to arrive on Xbox, but also one of the easiest.

Tekken 7

When I first heard that Tekken 7 provided a fairly easy 1000/1000, I was left wondering if I was talking to one of those legendary guys who goes to every championship and always rank in the top 2. After all, as someone who’s played the hell out of both Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2, I’m more than aware of the amount of time you need to chuck in just to stand even a minute chance when it comes to grabbing all of those pesky achievements.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take much to convince me to give it a go and it’s fair to say that I was pleasantly surprised. With only a handful of online achievements that require a win in each online mode, and a small number of fights to be played, there’s nothing to fear when taking on that 1000GS challenge.

Tekken 7 may not be a game you can blast through in an hour or two, but if you’re happy to stick in a couple of nights a week with some of the best fighting action from the King of Iron Fist Tournament, then the 1000GS will come along nicely without any real effort at all.

Super Lucky’s Tale

By now it’s become a bit of an expectancy that when a family friendly game arrives on Xbox One it’s not going to be all too difficult to make it to the end. With Super Lucky’s Tale that is definitely the case, and anyone wanting to find a game that offers a few hours of enjoyment would certainly find Super Lucky’s Tale a perfect fit.

Those looking to follow on from this with a playthrough may want to follow a guide to save any unnecessary backtracking, but there isn’t much that will prove challenging if you’ve spent any time with a decent platformer in the past year or so. With enough vibrant colours to keep the place feeling lively, a cutesy protagonist and a story that can be put to bed inside of five or six hours, Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t a game that will really provide much hassle and with 1000GS easily attainable with a guide or a little extra focus, this is easily one of the more simple completions of 2017.


With a casual difficulty level throughout and a pretty simplistic level design, Candleman probably isn’t the most exciting game you’ll play, but it’s certainly not one you’ll struggle with either and is enjoyable enough to warrant playing through to the end – even if it’s just to enjoy the unique nature of the game. After all, you play as a candle with a limited amount of wax in each level.

Of course, any game on this list is going to be an easy one to play through, but Candleman isn’t like others on this list in which a quick guide will see you mopping up any potential miss-able achievements in an otherwise simple game. Instead, playing the game the way it was intended will be more than enough to see each and every bit of Gamerscore come your way with no extra effort needed at all. It may still be a puzzle game at heart, but the puzzles are probably way too simple for their own good. At least we got a free helping of DLC to extend the journey a little further, not to mention the fact that we can now earn an easy 1500 Gamerscore from it.

What are you waiting for? Go help Candleman.


No, we’re not talking about the free-to-play hero shooter, Paladins – that isn’t an easy game completion in the slightest. The game I’m talking about here is Paladin. A sidescrolling adventure with a heavy Geometry Wars vibe that can be completed in no more than a couple of hours.

Whilst it may look challenging from the offset with its fast-paced gameplay and bullet heavy action, Paladin is actually one of the simplest games to have ever graced the Xbox One. In just a few short hours you can have everything the game has to offer mastered, and within just half an hour you can have every achievement unlocked granting that luscious 1000GS.

And all for a rather low price too.

Black & White Bushido

Before I sat down to play and review Black & White Bushido, I knew absolutely nothing about it. But whilst jumping into a new game can be daunting when you know so little about what it is your playing, the pick up and play nature of Black & White Bushido helps to get things going rather swiftly. Although to be honest it’s a little unfair including this one on the list due to the fact that there isn’t actually any story to be had whatsoever.  

Instead players go to battle in party style deathmatches, and there isn’t really much more to it than that. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an easy completion.

Whilst you’ll need to have four controllers handy to get one achievement in particular, anyone with some spare controllers laying around will find the full 1000GS easily obtainable within an hour or two. It’s probably not likely to prove a memorable experience for anything other than its unique art style, but it’s a good call for achievement hunters and an easy game to blast your way through.


The Walking Dead Collection – The Telltale Series

It wasn’t hard finding something else more deserving of the top spot than a Telltale title, and let’s be honest for a second, you can hardly argue with a Telltale game being on this list. But why is this one number one?

Well because The Walking Dead Collection that arrived on Xbox just last month is actually a bundle that contains four of Telltale’s finest point and click games in one. All of which are completed through episodes that will see you grabbing an easily earnt 4000 Gamerscore. Yes, 4000.

What’s better is there is no right or wrong way to play the game, 99% of the game is spent moving from A to B to interact with different objects and making conversation choices, and if you happen to fall to the odd death throughout then you’ll simply restart at that point and get to do it again, with no progress loss whatsoever. The hardest part of this one is by far finding the time to get through all four adventures, but just because it’s a lengthy adventure it doesn’t mean it isn’t easy. Plus there is some remastered greatness in there for those that are returning for a second run through this great series. What more could you ask for?


So, there we have it, 10 of the easiest game completions on Xbox One in 2017. If you want to see your Gamerscore count rise, then you could do a lot worse than check out the games on this list. Are there any titles you’ll be heading back to for an easy completion? Is there something else deserving of a place on this list? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
After 20 years of playing every game I can get my hands on, I can now be found selling my soul for anything Resident Evil, Gears of War, or Gamerscore related... all of which will be mastered after a good cuppa!


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