With February coming to a close, it’s time to return to our series of monthly articles in which we take a look over the month’s recent releases to find some of the easiest Achievements you can unlock on Xbox One. Why? Because keeping ahead of your friends on the monthly Gamerscore leaderboard is all that life is about.

Before we get in to things, please note that all shown Achievement percentages shown are accurate at the time of writing, however these can change over time and to be considered for inclusion, the Achievements must be part of the games to release in the specified month.

Now, on to those easy cheevos!

10Author – Tiles – 25g – 33.51%

Fans of puzzle adventures were probably rubbing their hands together when Tiles – the latest puzzler – arrived on Xbox One recently. It’s got an exceptionally small price tag, plenty of content and for the Achievement hunters out there there’s a simple 25g achievement that can be unlocked right at the start of the game.

Whilst it may not be the simplest achievement on the list, you have to admit, earning a cool 25g for nothing more than publishing your own created level is certainly something to shout about. With user created levels providing a vast amount of the content you’ll find within Tiles, it’s great to know a simple contribution can yield such a welcome reward.

9First Class – Guilt Battle Arena – 15g – 54.57%

If you’ve found yourself jumping into the recent local multiplayer adventure that is Guilt Battle Arena, you’re probably scratching your head as to why I’ve included it on this list, especially considering the achievements are hard to 100% complete.

Although the game itself may be a bit of hardened beast, completing the tutorial shouldn’t prove all too challenging. It’s a simple enough experience, and with just over 54% of players having already nabbed the lovely 15g on offer for getting through it, it’s certainly one of the easier Achievements you’ll find this month.

Should you manage to grab a friend, then it’s not too difficult to jump your way to the ‘High Voltage’ achievement either which asks for a paltry 50 stuns, something which can be done within a match or two. That will give a bonus 15g too.

Either way, you’ll at least be guaranteed one for besting the tutorial.

8Beginner – Immortal Redneck – 10g – 70.18%

It’s a game I’ve spent a lot of time with in the past month, and it’s certainly one of my favourite games of the year so far. What’s better though is that it comes with a few easy to nab Achievements, the first of which you’ll unlock for going on up to the second floor of the pyramid.

Whilst game progression-based achievements aren’t always seen as the simplest ones, the fact that it’s likely to be the first achievement you’ll unlock certainly says something. Plus, with the first floor proving excessively simple to anyone who’s even slightly handy with a weapon in their hand, this is one you’ll be sure to unlock should you head into the cracking adventure of the Immortal Redneck.

7DYE – DYE – 10g – 80.85%

The Achievement’s called DYE, the game’s called DYE, what do you have to do to get it? Well, die of course, and unless you’re an unknown individual who can perfect most games on the first time of asking, then chances are this is something that will come naturally, and probably quite early on whilst you’re getting to grips with things.

To nab this one, there’s nothing excessive required with the quickest way to go about it proving to be simply shifting to the left of the initial starting point on the opening level, and popping yourself into the pool of water beside it. What’s better is doing it this way will also ensure you earn the ‘Off to a Great Start’ achievement for drowning in the first level which brings a further 10g.

It may not be the friendliest 20g you’ll earn but it all helps in the end, right?

6May the journey begin – Monster Energy Supercross – 10g – 81.74%

If you set aside the time, then there’s unlikely to be any one Achievement that will prove overly difficult in the first official Monster Energy sporting adventure, but that doesn’t mean they are all as easy as this one.

To unlock ‘May the journey begin’, all you’ll need to do is follow the options that present themselves when starting the Career mode. This will take you through the custom character creation menu and as soon as you’ve done that, you’ll find the 10g popping to the wonderfully iconic noise we all know and love.

5Death by Gravity – Samsara – 20g – 82.21%

A bonus 10g for anyone who can guess the rather obvious nature of this one… nah, just kidding. You won’t need it though as the 20g you’ll earn early on in Samsara is more than enough for the rather questionable move to kill oneself by falling from a great height, as that’s exactly what you’ll need to do to pop this one.

That’s not to mention the many other easy unlocks that come by way of completing the game prologue, along with each chapter of Samsara; but if you’re after that super easy one to get those extra few numbers early on, then just take a jump and enjoy the lovely ‘ping’ for your efforts.

4Full marks – Gravel – 10g – 83.21%

Racing games sometimes prove to be the bane in the life of Achievement hunters, with many requiring multiple feats of extraordinary skill or endurance if you are to gain their desired scores. The recently released Gravel on the other hand shies away from those troublesome Achievements and instead offers reward upon reward with many popping within the opening few hours.

If you’re not quite that patient however, then maybe you’ll be more interested in the one you can earn within the very first race of the game. To unlock ‘Full marks’ you’ll need to do nothing more than earn your first 3 stars from a Career event. Not big on racers? Fear not, with just over 83% of players already nabbing this one and difficulty not playing a role, there’s no reason that even newcomers to the genre would struggle to master at least one three-star finish.

3You’re not supposed to be here – Rad Rodgers – 10g – 86.56%

If you jump into the latest platformer to arrive on Xbox One, Rad Rodgers, chances are you’ll find a rather enjoyable adventure to get stuck into. Should you venture to the left when you first start your adventure however, then you’ll quickly find yourself stepping into an area you’re not supposed to be in, along with a welcome 10g for finding your first secret area.

Although it’s not going to take you very long at all to unlock your first load of gamerscore should you miss that first hidden area, with your first weapon and first level completion also giving you a friendly

boost, it’s this one that wins that coveted 3rd spot thanks to just over 86% of players already stumbling across it.

And they call it secret? Bah.

2Production – Metal Gear Survive – 15g – 88.80%

It’s one thing unlocking an achievement for blasting your way through an easy tutorial, but it’s even better when doing a tutorial brings the possibility of earning one before you’ve even finished it. Metal Gear Survive lets you do just that.

To score ‘Production’ on your list, all you’ll have to do is simply craft your first item. For anyone that took part in the recent beta or are well aware of the term base-defence, you’ll know this is something you tend to do quite a lot of in these types of games, and with the tutorial providing the chance to craft a wide variety of items, this is one you’ll certainly nab in not time at all.

Should you decid to stick with the latest Metal Gear adventure past the opening tutorial you’ll even find an extra 10g for arriving at the games title screen. Not bad for the opening five minutes is it!?!

1Into the Unknown – The Station – 75g – 94.11%

It’s easily the biggest scoring achievement on the list and with just over 94% of players having unlocked it, it’s by far the easiest too. What’s easier than crafting a weapon during a tutorial you say? Well, opening the first door of The Station within the opening thirty seconds of course… and that’s all you’ll need to do to grab the easiest 75g of the month.

On top of that, should you have an hour spare, you’ll find every achievement within the game easily unlockable, meaning The Station doesn’t only bring the easiest achievement, but also the easiest completion of the month too.

So, there we have it, 10 of the easiest Xbox One Achievements of February 2018. Have you unlocked any of those on this list? Are there any we’ve missed that you think deserve an honourable mention? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.


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