With E3 just around the corner, it’s hard to be thinking about anything else right now in the world of gaming, but before we get lost in the euphoria of new games and announcements galore, let’s not forget all the quality titles we’ve already seen in this first half of 2018, many of which have graced the shelves in May alone.

Whilst we may have already seen some of the years most anticipated titles, we’ve also seen a ton of the year’s easiest achievements bulk out our Gamerscores to help us extend that lofty lead atop the addictive monthly leaderboard.

With that in mind here are 10 of the easiest Achievements from the Xbox One games released in May 2018.

Before we get started though, please note that all Achievements shown in this article and the unlock percentages they hold are accurate at the time of writing, and only the games that have arrived during May 2018 can be included in the article.

So, what did May 2018 bring!

10 – Already? – Subaeria – 10g – 49.72%

The term roguelike action-puzzler doesn’t exactly bring up the thoughts of the easiest game we’ve ever seen, but as recent months have shown, the easiest achievements can be hidden anywhere.

In Subaeria that is definitely the case as whilst it can be a rather challenging affair, there are a few achievements that are sure to pop for performing the least favourable task you can think of in a videogame – dying!

That’s right, simply lose your life for the very first time and Subaeria will give you a cosy 10g achievement for your efforts. Not bad for something that’s likely to set you back is it? What’s more if you continue the trend and get to 9 deaths then there’s another 10g and the CATastrophe achievement waiting to boost your Gamerscore. Lovely!

9 – Clever Girl – Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles – 50g – 78.40%

If you’re a keen fan of the original entries in the Resident Evil series, then chances are you’ll have already heard thart the Outbreak series has arrived on Xbox One as a spiritual successor/copycat to the iconic franchise.

What you may not know though is that whilst the first and second titles were hardly worth the effort, the third entry Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles that arrived just last month is actually surprisingly better, and to make things even nicer it comes packed with a bunch of easy achievements that will have your Gamerscore flying high in no time.

The most notable one in this entry is Clever Girl and for a horror puzzler it’s suprising to see an achievement so easy. To earn this one players must crack the code on the starting room door which isn’t all that difficult given the answer is inside the first page of the only book in the room. 50g for reading a book? Can’t get much easier than that.

8 – First Blood – City of Brass – 25g – 78.66%

It seems we’re back to death again this time and if I know anything about first-person dungeon crawlers – and I’d like to think I do – it’s that death is never hard to come by. That’s the case in City of Brass at least and whilst this game is certainly one that has some enjoyable factors to it, death is something you’ll need to accept early on.

Of course, that’s never something that’s going to sell a game – unless you’re one of those Dark Souls masochists – but at least City of Brass is willing to pump out a lovely 25g for your troubles. You win some, you lose some!

7 – Toothpaste Piñatas – State of Decay 2 – 5g – 83.03%

So, it’s finally arrived, another of the Xbox faithful’s most hopeful titles and one of this years most anticipated titles – State of Decay 2. Having spent a fair amount of time with the open-world zombie survival adventure, I’d have to say it’s rather enjoyable.

It’s not enjoyment that gets a game onto this list however, that’s just a bonus, and the real reason you see State of Decay lighting up the number 7 spot is of course the over simplistic achievement ‘Toothpaste Piñatas’ that gives off a 5 easy Gamerscore points for searching through 10 different containers, something that will be done and dusted within the opening tutorial section.

If that doesn’t quite scratch the itch, then you’ll be happy to know that sinking a few hours into the massive open-world will be enough to see Achievements popping willy-nilly, with an easy 100g possible within the first half an hour if you know how to handle yourself in an apocalypse.

6 – All Night Long – Yoku’s Island Express – 40g – 86.30

Ahh, Yoku’s Island Express, the aesthetically pleasing pinball platformer that brings its world to life through exploration and one of the most lovable protagonists we’ve seen in some time. We do love games like that here at TheXboxHub and Yoku’s Island Express is certainly a great game to get involved in.

For Achievement hunters though, it’s not a bad call either, as one of the very things you’ll be doing is heading on down to the noisemaker and giving it a blow, and that’s all it’ll take to notch up your first 40g. Sit there and blow on it another 99 times, and you’ll sink a further 30g for very little effort whatsoever. How does 70g sound to you for five minutes work? We’ll take it with a smile!

5 – First Fruit – Gorogoa – 100g – 86.32%

If you’re a fan of unique puzzlers and meticulous design, then chances are Gorogoa has appealed to you. With incredible hand-drawn visuals, the game is pretty much a work of art that you’d expect to find in a museum and that’s without the challenging puzzles that are woven in to the experience.

But whilst puzzlers are usually a brain crushing experience for most gamers, Gorogoa is certainly a game that’s happy to reward you for getting things right, especially considering each Chapter you complete is enough to send an additional 100g your way. With just over 86% of players already amassing the first 100g, it’s not hard to see why it makes the list.

Not to mention you’re guaranteed 600g just for finishing the game.

4 – Die Harder – I Hate Running Backwards – 10g  – 87.42%

Okay, so it’s confirmed, death is this month’s running trend amongst achievements. You guessed it, another game that wants to dish out points for throwing in the towel on life as we know it. Charming isn’t it?

Just like all the others on this list, I Hate Running Backwards is another title in which death isn’t unusual and with over 87% of players having been caught out already, you’d have to expect it fairly quickly should you be tempted to jump into this. If I mention the term ‘top-down roguelike shooter’, you’ll probably have a clue of just how quickly that’s likely to be.

If the 10g offered by death isn’t enough for you though, then maybe destroying a weapon crate will please you unsatisfied gaming brutes when the ‘Firestarter’ Achievement pops with a further 20g.

3 – Getting Started – InkSplosion – 60g – 87.46%

I have to be honest, if this was an article for easiest completion of the month then there’s no doubt that InkSplosion would have flown straight to the number 1 spot, as 45 minutes – or less for you skillfull ninjas out there – is all it takes to rack up every drop of that 1000g that’s available for InkSplosion.

So, for this one, death is once again the theme, but instead of a premature end of life to nab that cheeky cheevo, the aim of this one is to kill your first enemy. It’s something that will only take a few seconds but it’s a generous one with 60g given out for the kill.

If you’re stuck in your ways though fear not as you can just as easily grab another 60g for dying for the first time too. Told you it was a trend!

2 – What is That? – Grim Legends 3 – 10g – 89.49%

Point and click adventures are always a great source for achievement material and when it comes to Artifex Mundi games, that couldn’t be more accurate. With Grim Legends 3 arriving on Xbox One recently it was near guaranteed that it would find its way onto this list at some point and it has, at the number 2 spot.

So, what do you have to do to grab the 10g on offer in this one? Well find that first collectible of course – a welcome entry wouldn’t you say for a list that’s been dominated with death!

With over 89% of players already having earnt the ‘What is That’ Achievement, we’d hedge our bets to say it won’t require the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes to find it.

1 – Enkindle – Dark Souls Remastered – 15g – Light bonfire flame – 90.44%

Yep, you’re reading that right. Dark Souls Remastered is taking the coveted number 1 spot for easiest achievement of the month. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade then chances are you’re thinking I’m pretty barmy right about now, but fear not, this is an achievement that will hardly be taking a guide and an inside knowledge of every enemy location and movement. In fact, you will nab yourself a cheeky 15g without having to face a single enemy or challenge.

So, how do you get it? Well for the easiest Dark Souls achievement you’ll ever get, all you need to do is make your way through the opening corridor and through the doors to the very first bonfire. Go further and chances are you’ll be smudged within seconds, but stick around and light it and you’ll find an easy 15g trying to ease you into the painful journey ahead. Is it worth it? Well it’s probably the last one you’ll get for a while!

So, that’s it for another month and with June now upon us we can finally focus on this month’s spectacle, E3. With a week left to go until the doors open though, why not check out some of this month’s gaming entries and inflate your score that little bit more, unless of course you’ve already got them, to which we’ll put to you, is there any we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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