What can you do in 10 seconds? Chances are it ain’t a lot. But if you’re a ninja, then the answer is probably quite different. In fact, 10 seconds is just long enough to complete a level, destroy some enemies, gain a star and become a hero.

At least that’s what the plan is with 10 Second Ninja X, Four Circle Interactive and Curve Digital’s absolutely manic platform puzzler. Due for release later this summer, we’ve been lucky enough to have gone hands-on with 10 Second Ninja X and you know what, it really is as blisteringly manic as it seems.

10 second 2

Tasked with 10 seconds to complete a level, you may initially think that all hope is lost as you fail, fail and fail some more in your quest to work out the puzzles in the quickest time possible. But manage to hop, skip and jump your way around the stages ahead of you, throwing out shurikens and destroying all hostile enemy robots with a swipe of your sword, you’ll be walking away into the sunset (or at least the next stage) with a star in your hand.

Practice makes perfect and that is never more true than with 10 Second Ninja X as the more you play it, the faster your reactions will become and the quicker your brain will kick into gear. It is these milliseconds which will see you become a hardcore ninja success – or die trying.

With 60 well created levels in place and up to three stars available for each one, you’ll initially get access to just the first ten stages. Earn stars, and you’ll eventually unlock more levels, which will in turn bring you even more shiny things and the opportunity to wander around the delightful little world, chatting away and gathering vital intel into the back story as you go. The aim is to collect enough stars in order to unlock all the stages and shut the big mouthed Captain GreatBeard up forever more. But both the puzzles, and the 10 mere seconds you have to complete each one means that it isn’t all as simple as it seems. Succeed though and the sheer joy that sweeps over you once you finally manage to nail a stage is something that you really do need in your life!

10 second 1

Once you’ve experienced that joy enough times, then the promise of a ‘Marathon mode’ will ensure you keep going back to take in the stunningly glorious visuals more and more. Whether you experience the longer game at all though is completely up for debate as 10 Second Ninja X is hard. Should you stick with it, you’ll find a game that completely draws you in and entices you with super quick, super sharp stages.

If you’re bored of Super Meat Boy, need something fast paced and ready to test the brain in a way N+ doesn’t, all whilst taking in a huge amount of humour in the progress, then 10 Second Ninja X most definitely looks to be something you’ll want to check out.

10 Second Ninja X will be released on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and PC in the summer of 2016. Keep an eye out for it and our full review soon.

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