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10 Ways Xbox Can Up Its Game This Year


From its first introduction in 2001, Microsoft has released several iterations of the fan favourite console, including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and most recently, the Xbox Series X and Series S. While many wait in anticipation for the company to release their answer to Sony’s PS6, it’s no secret that 2022 was not the console’s best year. 

With supply chain issues having cooled off following the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition between the two gaming giants is fiercer than ever. Keep reading to find out how Xbox can up the ante and get ahead of the game. 

#1. More First-Party Releases

Last year, Xbox came under fire over the lack of “big” first-party releases, despite their goal to release at least one new, first-party game into Game Pass every quarter. From role-playing games to shooters and everything in between, it seemed that the production delays brought about by the pandemic caught up with the gaming giant which saw the release of Redfall and Starfield from Bethesda delayed. 

If Xbox wants to remain on the top of the gaming food chain then it needs to keep its consumers excited and entertained with new exclusive releases. 

#2. Bring Back 1 vs. 100

1 vs.100 was a groundbreaking download-only live experience game show that was exclusive to the Xbox 360. The online show ran weekly in 2009 before being prematurely cancelled after two seasons. 

The concept consisted of one player selected to be “The One” against a group of 100 other participants that were chosen to form part of the “The Mob”, with the rest making up “The Crowd”. 10,000 Microsoft Points were up for grabs for “The One” however if they failed to succeed the remaining members of The Mob split the winnings and each received a free game. With the severe lack of MMO games, Microsoft has a great opportunity to engage the community in a new way through all the Xbox platforms whether it’s the console, PC or cloud. 

#3. Upgrade Its Casino Games Offering

Okay, so it’s no news that you can actually play various categories of casino games on your console. However, we’re also aware that there are never enough games out there, and gamers are always craving for a diverse assortment of titles. Sure, if you’re looking for no deposit bonus codes for existing UK players, perhaps you may want to explore an online casino. But, if like millions of gamers you appreciate the game for its experience, we’re guessing you’ll probably welcome more casino-themed games with open arms.

#4. Keep The Community In The Loop

Microsoft needs to stop leaving the Xbox community in the dark. Gamers loyal to the console want to know what new features they can expect to see in the next few years or what they wish to improve. It’s super important to create a dialogue in the community to ensure Xbox gamers feel involved and remain excited about the platform’s future. Sure, game releases can be hard to predict especially with unexpected delays but a press release once in a while featuring a round-up of what’s to come would be great. 

#5. More Game Pass Deals

Game Pass is Microsoft’s answer to a paid game subscription service offering hundreds of games from tiny indies to triple-A titles, across a multitude of different genres for Xbox and PC. 

Unfortunately, Xbox Game Pass has failed to meet its subscriber target for the second consecutive year.

While Microsoft offers three different subscription options depending on the platform you choose to use, they do not offer a free trial period like subscription giants Netflix and Disney Plus, which could be why they are missing the mark. 

The platform also needs to introduce additional deals for example a cheaper version which includes ads, to entice those to have not yet subscribed and provide a more affordable option since the service is expected to spike due to the global inflation crisis. 

#6. Improve Xbox Series X|S Dashboard

No matter how you customize your Xbox, there will always be at least two advertisements displayed on your home screen. Sure, most of the adverts will promote useful things for Xbox gamers such as new releases or limited deals but they are undeniably distracting and clutter the dashboard. Xbox needs to see how to amend this frustrating issue especially when the ads cover a customized background or reduce the room for more practical features. 

#7 Steam Deck Support

Steam Deck’s popularity has been growing at a steady rate since its initial release in February last year. It has since received upgrades aiding its functionality, fan speed options and providing better overall performance. These changes have also increased the console’s compatibility with several Steam games, offering numerous UI improvements and support for expanded microSD storage. 

Steam Deck can be Microsoft’s ticket to competing against Nintendo Switch, by turning the console into a handheld Xbox through native support of Game Pass on the Deck’s Proton (Linux)-based OS. 

#8 Have Their Own Genshin Impact

Genshin developer HoYoverse has been making waves across the gaming industry since the release of Genshin impact. Sadly Microsoft failed to secure an initial deal with the developer when the game was first launched in 2020, leaving PlayStation to reap the rewards with the game making an estimated $3 billion in microtransactions on mobile. 

Microsft needs to work to ensure that Genshin Impact or at least HoYoverse’s highly anticipated next games – Honkai: Star Rail and Zenless Zone Zero – will be on Xbox. Xbox is seriously lacking in live service games, as such adding HoYoverse’s gaming catalogue will be sure to enhance its gaming offerings. 

#9. Fix DVR Issues

Although Xbox Series X, and Series S, handle the Xbox operating system much better than last-gen systems, there have still been several issues that crop up that Microsft needs to get a handle on. Xbox fan feedback revealed that one of the biggest issues plaguing the console is the DVR feature as recording often contains low picture quality and audio issues. Additionally, many have also complained that the captures as also hard to find after the recording is completed. 

#10. Xbox VR Headset

Since the launch of the PSVR and PSVR 2, the release of an Xbox VR headset has been a topic of speculation. While this won’t be Microsoft’s first foray into the VR scene with its HoloLens mixed reality headsets, priced at $3,500. Fans have long awaited a more affordable option, tapping into the unbeatable immersive gameplay that VR has to offer. 

Although Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has previously stated that the company are focusing on software as it will scale better long-term, with Sony building exclusive VR experiences from its top franchises, like Horizon Call of the Mountain, it would be foolish to miss out on this market. 

TXH loves nothing more than kicking back at the end of the day, controller in hand, shooting the hell out of strangers via Xbox Live.

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