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Need a reason to fire up the horrors of Resident Evil Village once more? Well, there are 2 brand new DLC drops now available for the game, and whilst neither will change up what happens in the Village, each may well provide a little boost to morale. Something which is much needed…

Available to purchase, download and add in to Resident Evil Village right this second are both the Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm and Survival Resources Pack. Each of these comes with a super cheap £0.79 asking price in tow, with each providing a little help as you make your way through the horrors which will unfold throughout Resident Evil Village. 

Taking the Survival Resources Pack first and this has been brought together thanks to the brilliant minds of a team of survival experts, chock full with all the necessary items you’ll ever need in order to progress through Village. Keeping alive is the main aim of this latest Resident Evil title – much like every other Resident Evil title – and the Survival Resources Pack is primed to help in that regard. 

resident evil village survival resources

Once purchased and downloaded, all you need to do is pay a visit to the in-game merchant, with the Survival Resources Pack then providing access to some of the most required of items – handgun ammo (check), shotgun ammo (check), a first aid kit (check) and a lockpick for opening those doors. 

Of course, you’ll need space in your inventory should you wish to carry this gear – and you’ll find it only available just the once per playthrough – but if it’s a little helping hand you need, the Resident Evil Village Survival Resources Pack should be one to consider. 

Kicking around alongside that pack is one more DLC addition to RE Village – the Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm. Again, super cheap to pick up and obtainable from the in-game merchant, this custom part can be attached to a specific shotgun before appearing in-game on your weapon. We’re not sure it’s going to help much in the fight you’ll come up against, but at least your morale should be lifted in the process – and as locals reckon he brings good luck, that’s good enough for us. 

resident evil village mr raccoon weapon charm

You’ll find both the Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm and the Survival Resources Pack available for Resident Evil Village this very moment. If you’re playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S the Xbox Store will sort you out. You should also find the new content drops present on the stores of PlayStation and PC too. 

Let us know if you decide to splash the low asking prices on either of these pieces. 

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1 year ago

This isn’t new dlc you get it when you buy the deluxe edition

1 year ago

Did Xbox also get the Shop unlocks like PS did?

1 year ago

This is old news