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Bus Simulator. Two words that may not sound particularly appealing. However, should you have fallen in love with the simulated bus driving experience currently found on Xbox One, then you’ll no doubt be excited to hear that two new DLC packs have now become available for the game. And the best thing about them? They are totally free.

Available to grab right this minute from the Xbox Store are the MAN Interior Pack 1 and Mercedes-Benz Interior Pack 1 – and as you could probably tell from the titles, will discover new interior options to add into your game.

Free to download, these packs most certainly enhance the visual look of Bus Simulator on Xbox One, allowing your passengers to notice a bit of diversity to their otherwise mundane lives, with four new original colour patterns replicating the joy of Mercedes and MAN buses from the real-world.

bus simulator man dlc

Garish they may be, but should you love he bus life and want to ensure that Bus Simulator is the closest thing to the real world, then adding these two new free DLC pieces should be tempting propositions. Yes, they are never going to change up the actual gameplay found within, but as our full review of Bus Simulator on Xbox One shows, it doesn’t need too much of an overhaul anyways.

To get access to both the MAN Interior Pack 1 and Mercedes-Benz Interior Pack 1 just head on over to the Xbox Store right now. As free downloads, you’d be crazy to not want to embrace the joy of these new interiors. Just make sure you’ve got the base game available first.

In fact, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is which of the brilliant designs you’ll be kitting your buses out with first.

DLC Description:

Pedestrians, drivers and passengers all around the world agree when it comes to this matter. When you ask them, what makes life more interesting, they will most certainly give you the same answer –diversity! With this authentic bus interior DLC consisting of 4 new original color patterns for your seats and classy floor designs you will be the next urban transport trendsetter. Individualize your Citaro buses even more and make them your own. Enjoy the freedom of choice and try something new. The next shift is just around the corner! So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and take a seat!

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