It’s been a busy time for backwards compatibility arrivals with several new titles coming to the program in recent weeks dropping some fantastic fan favourites, as well as some equally great lesser known sensations to the Xbox One. But in the usual unexpected fashion it seems there is yet another set of games that have been added to the collection, but is it worth a return to the latest titles? Basically put, should you be playing them…or ignoring them?

Army of TwoPlay

Army of Two is a third-person cover shooter in which up to two players work together as Mercenaries, fighting war, political turmoil and a long-lasting conspiracy. Designed as a two-player shooter, it focuses on strategic planning to take down its many mission parameters, with solo play not an option. Of course, those without a willing human companion can use the A.I as the follow up help, and given that the servers were turned off some while ago, this is indeed something you will find yourself making use of if you want to return without a buddy ready to go hand in hand with a controller next to you. Nevertheless, Army of Two is a cracking title that provides enough story, to warrant a return and enough exciting gameplay to make that return enjoyable, even without the online functions available anymore.

The story for those not yet up to speed on EA’s other shooter, sends players to Somalia in 1993 as part of U.S. 75th Ranger Regiment, tasked with carrying out the assassination of a powerful local warlord Abdullahi Mo’Alim. After the completion of the mission, players take up a new role thanks to the approach of a private security and strategy corporation and continue on as Private Contractors, with the end result still seeing them trying to gun down the world’s most wanted warlords.

Of course, those with a penchant for war shooters will certainly want to be revisiting Army of Two as with the series now seemingly stopped, there doesn’t look to be any new titles heading to console any time soon.

Soltrio SolitaireIgnore

The second and final arrival of this current crop of Backwards Compatible titles comes in the form of something that doesn’t require blood, sweat and tears in the physical sense, but rather mentally instead.

Soltrio Solitaire brings the well-known card game with all its variations into one experience with as many as 18 solitaire games playable. But with such an expansive library of games already available, is something we can already get on countless game browsers really something we need to invest even more time into on Xbox One, especially given those interested will already have done so the first time around? This is obviously one you will want to pick up if you missed out originally, or have a massive love for Solitaire, but anyone who’s been here before is unlikely to have any reason to return other than mopping up those missed ‘cheevos’. 

When newer titles have become available on near enough every platform, giving us a daily Solitaire fix on tablets and mobiles, it makes Soltrio a bit of a no-go. It’s obviously nice to have another title to ponder when choosing which to return to, but Soltrio Solitaire is one your’re likely to be able to live without.

So, there we have it, our thoughts on the latest Xbox Backwards Compatibility titles and if you should or shouldn’t be giving them some extra time in amongst that crazy backlog we’ve all built up. Do you agree with our thoughts? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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