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There are two announcements coming from 2Awesome Studio – who most recently published Rainswept – regarding their upcoming action-packed platformer Horned Knight. Firstly it’s set to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this winter, and secondly, the Steam Demo is now available!

Horned Knight is 2Awesome Studio’s challenging 2D action-platformer, which embodies a golden era of gaming. Prepare to rewrite the destiny of the Hero Knight in a bid to save the realm. Equipped with only your trusty sword and a rather mysterious horned helmet, you must overcome all your fears, numerous traps like spikes and lava, and a plethora of enemies including fireball wielding skeletons and venomous snakes. 

Calculated movement and agility is key here as one tiny misstep can lead to your demise through the 32 pulse pounding levels on offer. What’s good to know is that the accessible and responsive controls will make it easy to jump, air-dash, and slash your way through these areas. You’ll have to master the jumping wall climb technique and perfect the timing of your slashes to ensure your hero saves the day in this realm.

Key Features of Horned Helmet:

  • 4 worlds and over 30 levels
  • Tons of monsters and bosses to show your might
  • Responsive controls: easy to play, hard to master
  • Beautifully pixel art animated graphics
  • Exciting action gameplay
  • Intense boss battles with challenging patterns and epic scale
  • 2 difficulty modes appropriate for all types of players―from story and setting lovers to hardcore action enthusiasts
  • An amazingly diverse castle to explore with different environments

Remember, Horned Helmet is due to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Winter, 2020. If you can’t wait till then however, head on over to Steam right now and download the free alpha demo!

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